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The victim of abuse from Oltra's ex says she was afraid to report because the educator "was with someone important"

He affirms before the judge that Cristina Seguí offered him a job and an apartment in Madrid but clarifies that she did not ask for anything in return.

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The victim of abuse from Oltra's ex says she was afraid to report because the educator "was with someone important"

He affirms before the judge that Cristina Seguí offered him a job and an apartment in Madrid but clarifies that she did not ask for anything in return


The victim of the sexual abuse of the ex-husband of the former vice president of the Generalitat and former councilor Mónica Oltra has declared before the judge that it took her a while to report because she was "afraid", since she knew that the educator "was with someone important" - in reference to his then wife-- and he feared that they would not believe him, according to what sources familiar with the statement told Europa Press.

The young woman - a minor under guardianship at the time of the events - has spoken this way in her statement, as a witness, in the Investigative Court number 15 of Valencia, a body that investigates an alleged cover-up by the Ministry and the opening of a parallel investigation to the judicial investigation into the sexual abuse of the victim by Oltra's ex-husband, an educator.

During her statement, the young woman explained the abuse she suffered although she stated that she did not remember many things because she had tried to "forget all that," she said, especially in relation to the questions asked related to visits to psychologists. In relation to this issue, she has indicated that she thought that all the experts she spoke with were from the Ministry, an entity that she has assured had not helped her with the events suffered.

He has indicated that it took him a while to report the facts out of "fear" because the educator was "someone important" and, furthermore, he was afraid that they would not believe him.

During her statement, in addition, when asked if she knew Gobierna-TE, the association chaired by the former leader of Vox Cristina Seguí, who acts as the popular prosecutor in the case, she said that not to the entity but to Seguí, yes. He has stated that he had spoken with her several times and that he promised her an apartment and a job in Madrid. "She told me she would help me," she said, but she clarified that she did not ask for anything in return.

Furthermore, she stated, when asked why she retweeted messages from her personal account indicating that she had been used to bring down Mónica Oltra, that her ex-partner's account was hacked.

His lawyer, Manuel Salazar, has declared to the media waiting at the door of the court that his client had little intervention in the events investigated since it is not assessed whether or not there were abuses, but rather the actions 'a posteriori' of the Department. "About which she, logically, could have had little knowledge," he added.

Furthermore, she said that her client "did not feel supported at all. Not at all, quite the opposite." "She has felt unprotected," she added, "even after learning of the existence of these alleged abuses, which today are no longer presumed. She did not feel supported and had to live in the same center with the educator, with her abuser, for several months. Afterwards, they changed her center, not the educator," she lamented.

And he added: "He has not received a single help from the Ministry. Not only that, but he had a job at the Torrevieja Hospital that when it passed from Ribera Salud to the hands of the Ministry, it disappeared because the Ministry subrogated everyone." the staff except her and her boyfriend. "She was discriminated against for having filed the complaint that gave rise to this procedure," she criticized.

For her part, Marta Castro, national legal coordinator of Vox, pointed out after the statement: "What we have witnessed today in Court, the truth is that it has been a very hard moment for the victim. They have tried to discredit it as a procedural strategy and the truth is that there is overwhelming documentary evidence about the actions of the Department in relation to the protection of minors who are under its guardianship."

Castro added that there is evidence pending testing and, in his opinion, "the investigation must continue for the correct assessment of the enormous documentation that proves the commission of the crimes," he insisted.

Oltra's ex-husband was sentenced in December 2019 to five years in prison for the abuse, a sentence ratified by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) and by the Supreme Court.

For his part, Oltra, who resigned as a result of his accusation in this procedure, has always denied that he ordered the opening of this investigation parallel to the judicial one and has stated that he learned of the abuses on August 4, 2017, when he received a judicial notification. at his home, so he was unaware of the work that the technicians of his department had been doing since the previous February, when the victim, who was 14 years old at the time, reported the events.