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Paul Farhi, founder of Solidus AITECH, talks about Artificial Intelligence (and High-Performance Computing)

The world's first AI utility token AITECH will allow government authorities, megacorps, SMEs and professionals to access AI services via Solidus' Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure.

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Paul Farhi, founder of Solidus AITECH, talks about Artificial Intelligence (and High-Performance Computing)

AITECH can be bought, staked or kept as a long-term capital investment.

Paul Farhi is the founder and head of UK operations for SolidusAITECH. To discuss the crypto industry, play-to earn games, metaverse and many other topics, he recently joined News Podcast.

Paul is a natural achiever who holds high standards in all he does. Paul is an entrepreneur by heart and was a successful investor early in his career. He was primarily focused on Property & Fine Art before he was introduced in 2015 to Bitcoin. Since then, he has not looked back. Paul's career has seen him build a strong network, which was instrumental in the establishment of Solidus Technologies and Soft Galaxy International.

Paul is a forward-thinker. He identified early that Ethereum would move from proof-of work to proof-of stake, which means that mining wouldn't be the future of Solidus Technologies. Therefore, he began his research into Artificial Intelligence. He has been studying Artificial intelligence at London Business School since then and has identified key areas which will be important for Solidus AITECH in near future. Paul is also the owner of a Fine Art Company that is looking into NFT. Paul is also responsible for the marketing efforts at Solidus AITECH.

Solidus Technologies was founded in December 2017 as a cryptocurrency mining business. Its primary focus is on mining Ethereum ( ETH) using GPU-based mining equipment. After the financial crash in 2020 and the large demand for AI services, Solidus Technologies shifted its focus to Artificial Intelligence. Solidus Ai Tech was formed to be the company's AI arm.

For more information about the project, visit or follow the team on Tweet.

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