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New to Crypto? We’re here to help.

Cryptocurrency started as a faraway fairyland open to the Able and Accomplished. It was a beautiful, simple time

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New to Crypto? We’re here to help.

Cryptocurrency started as a faraway fairyland open to the Able and Accomplished. It was a beautiful, simple time. Now and then, dazzling tales would make their way to us of Crypto Billionaires buying yet another Ferrari or spending an astonishing sum on pictures of strangely intimidating monkeys. It was just 2014 when Changpeng Zhao, a Chinese immigrant, sold his apartment to bet on Crypto. He started Binance in 2017 and became one of the earliest Crypto Billionaires.

However, slowly and in steady waves, this Isle of Gold has floated towards us, regular people. Out of a world population of 7.8 Billion, the number of Crypto users crossed 295 Million in December 2021 and is set to cross a Billion users by this December, according to a forecast by The Crypto Elite are no longer legends one heard of; they’re ordinary people we see on the street now with the occasional bodyguard and flashy car.

And there seems to be no difference between you and them.

So, where lies the problem?


The godly gains that this world of Crypto promises are accessible to everyone. Barring the consideration of a daunting User Interface, Complex Tools, and the fortress of knowledge it presents.

Choosing the right crypto exchange is tantamount to Goldilocks finding the perfect bowl of Porridge. The Exchange should offer enough tools to not limit one’s potential with trading yet simple enough that new users feel comfortable investing. With the rise in novice Crypto Investors and platforms lacking simplicity, many people are prone to hurting their finances by following herd activity without much understanding of its reasoning. Common as tales of people making money in crypto, more common are instances when people have lost their savings due to uninformed decisions.


With a rise in Crypto Scams, trust is becoming a valuable asset for users. A regulated platform or CEX (centralised exchange) does wonders to alleviate user anxiety about the safety of their transactions.


To much annoyance of seasoned users, many platforms shear off additional hidden margins on user transactions. For Day Traders, these seemingly harmless costs add up to significant amounts. A red flag to watch out for is a hidden fee that changes the displayed price to a drastically different number.

Say Hello To Your New Friend: XBO

In this mystic and complex land of Cryptocurrency Investments, a new platform is making a grand entrance. With perks like Designer Payment Cards, Exchange Cashback, and a mysterious Top Tier membership up for grabs, XBO offers serious competition to old-school exchanges.
In addition to these perks, early birds can count on a Gold Member Status (for life), hugely influencing one’s user experience at the crypto exchange trading terminal.

XBO combats the problems of Complexity, Trust, and Transparency with distinctive measures. The company behind is dedicated to the goal of Simplicity in innovation. With no recurring or inactivity fees, transaction costs sit at a comfortable 0.27% to 0.40% - varying in accordance with one’s membership slab.

Navigating the Site

The platform rewards the user with XP points for each action taken on the site. These points count toward tier upgrades and enhanced perks.

There are five loyalty tiers across the platform, and each offers incremental benefits - most notably exponential Crypto Rewards. The table below highlights the features of each level.

How to win the elite Gold Tier Status?
Click on this link to register.


The best way to check if a platform is worth its salt is by the services it uses to ensure a safe trading infrastructure. Bonus points if this information is not concealed in the fine print. XBO implements military-grade security measures to safeguard your finances in the intuitive, user-friendly infrastructure of the platform. Additionally, the liability of safeguarding users’ funds (in CEXs) lies with the exchange. Therefore, adequate research before entrusting an exchange with funds remains an ever-important step in investing.

Key Takeaways

Main Features: Simple, Transparent, Trustworthy, and Secure.

Negligible Transaction Fees Of: 0.27%-0.40%

Easy to use

Every transaction accumulates XPs that invariably work to reduce transaction costs and unlock more benefits.

To conclude, it’s a matter of time before all individuals find themselves at the threshold of their first Crypto purchase. For this, it is imperative to choose the right partners.