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Featured Feijóo Ucrania Irán Francia Policía now has Minting of.VR and.Metaverse Domains

It's official! The Quik marketplace now allows you to mint NFT domains!

- 217 reads. now has Minting of.VR and.Metaverse Domains announced the availability of minting NFT domains after months of research and planning! Users can now mint any.VR, Metaverse,.Chain or.Doge NFT domains they choose, with no lifetime renewal fees! Each NFT domain name is minted with an original NFT artwork. Quik also plans to launch additional NFT Domain TLDs like. BTC and.Web3 in the near future.

Quik is an NFT cryptocurrency domain name market that allows you mint and trade blockchain domains in order to create your digital identities. It also makes it possible to be part of the decentralized internet, the internet of tomorrow.

Why use NFT domains?

Traditional domains are rented by domain registrars for a period of one to ten years. To keep your domain name, you will need to pay a renewal fee each year. Otherwise it will be available on the open market.

However, NFT or blockchain domain names can be purchased and not leased. The public ledger verifies the entire transaction and the ownership of the domain remains intact. The entire system is tamperproof so users can track different transactions over time.

NFT domains are decentralized and protected from any central entities (registrars, ICANN) once they have been sold. NFT domains are censor-proof because only you, as the owner, can make changes.

These NFT domains can be purchased, sold, and mint on the Marketplace. Each NFT domain TLD has its own minting limit. For example, the.METAVERSE TLD Domain Names, which are based on Ethereum Blockchain, have a hard limit of 20,000 names. This means that only 20,000 domains can exist. These domain names are determined on a first-minting basis. Each domain name minter also receives a lifetime royalty on any future sales of that NFT domain. For example, domain name minters at.METAVERSE get a 5% royalty on any future sales of the name.

These domains come with artwork and will have additional benefits when launches the Quik browser extension. Quik will allow users to host decentralized websites using these domain names via the Quik browser extension. Users can also use their NFT domain addresses as cryptocurrency wallet addresses, in accordance with partnerships with other cryptocurrency wallets.

What's Minting?

This is the process of registering a NFT domain name onto a blockchain using your crypto wallet. You will have full custody of the NFTdomain. You are the sole owner of this particular blockchain. Quik and all other entities cannot access it.

How to Mint NFT Domains with Quik?

Minting of NFT domains, with extensions, including.VR..Chain..Shib. Bored. is now available on the Quik marketplace.

These extensions can be applied to any phrase you like. Quik makes it easy to quickly and easily manage domains. All you have to do is click "Mint". It takes less than one minute to complete the entire process!

You can also search the platform to find NFT domains already created by peers.

Minting your domain using MetaMask at

Register to your Quik account with Metamask and Mobile Wallet

Find the domain name that you want to mint

Click Mint Now to see if the domain name is available.

You must approve the minting transaction in your wallet.

The domain name will be added to your Profile section once the transaction has been approved.

Are you ready to create your favourite NFT domain?

Why Quik?

Quik is determined to disrupt the trillion-dollar blockchain market. It makes the whole process more accessible and simpler through its unique and dedicated blockchain payment mechanism.

Quik believes NFT domains solve one of the most important challenges Web 3.0 players are trying to address: giving direct ownership to end users without any third parties.

Quik is a new way to sell, mint, and acquire NFT domains. This will help to remove any barriers to Web 3.0 innovation. Be a part the journey!

Learn more about blockchain domains For more information, visit and the Quick WhitePaper.

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