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The Talía celebrate the Spanish performing arts with some allusion to sexual violence after the Ramón Paso case

MADRID, 23 Abr.

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The Talía celebrate the Spanish performing arts with some allusion to sexual violence after the Ramón Paso case


The Talía Awards gala, awarded by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain (AAEE), has celebrated the performing arts and Spanish theater with some allusion to sexual violence after the case of a complaint by the Prosecutor's Office against the playwright Ramón Paso .

Previously, on the red carpet, when asked by journalists, attendees asked that cases of sexual violence "come to light."

The gala, held at the Teatro Español, was presented by the president of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo, who in her speech celebrated the approval of the Artistic Education Law and asked for "respect for all."

"I tell you what freedom is, not to be afraid. My body and my soul have been forged under the teachings of my mother. That is why I speak to you, in defense of freedom, human dignity and respect for all," he said. requested in his welcome speech Guillén-Cuervo.

Victoria Luengo, awarded the Award for Best Protagonist Actress in Text Theater for her monologue 'Prima Facie', has mentioned "the abuses of power" and violence against women, after the complaint against Paso.

"I say it every day on stage, it seems like a lie to have anything to say here again. But please, to the Government, to the people who can help us, women need the abuses of power and sexual violence to stop now." , he has demanded.

The gala was attended by Vice President María Jesús Montero, Second Vice President Yolanda Díaz and the Minister of Culture Ernest Urtasun.

Another of the special awards is the one that Carolina Yuste has won for Young Talent, an actress who has asked "the men of the industry" to stop violence within the theater and the institutions to protect culture.

"Our profession is not exempt from the violence and attacks that women suffer. We have seen it in recent weeks in the news. As Vicky Luengo said, enough of the attacks on women, colleagues in the industry, men in the industry "Stop it," he added.

The ceremony began with a musical tribute to the actress Concha Velasco with songs such as 'Mom I want to be an artist' or 'Chica ye ye', performed by a choir of 35 children.

One of the most notable awards of the night was the Talía Award for Best Text Theater Show, which 'Forever' received.

In the category of Best Lighting, the award went to David Picazo for 'Cielos' and the award for Best Set Design went to Alessio Meloni for 'Cielos', who in his speech asked public organizations for "a review of fees and budgets".

"Creators' salaries often go down and budgets go down even though the cost of living and materials go up excessively. Please, a review is what we need to continue making quality theater," he demanded.

The Talía for Best Costumes went to Rosa García Andújar for 'Valor, grievance and woman', who celebrated that the play was the first work by a woman to reach the Sala Grande of the National Classical Theater Company. "This is a milestone," she recalled.

For his part, the winner of the award for Best Original Music goes to Javier Prieto for 'Sea or How to Survive a Tsunami', who has vindicated the childhood "that is being left without fathers and mothers" in Palestine due to the war, while has called for "freedom" for the Palestinian people.

In the Musical Theater categories, the Best Actor was Alejandro Mesa for 'The Book of Mormon'; the award for Best Musical Theater Actress went to Talía del Val for 'The Phantom of the Opera'; The Best Musical Direction of Musical Theater went to Julio Awad for 'The Phantom of the Opera', who thanked the Academy for exposing his work "almost worldwide"; and the award for Best Musical Theater Show went to 'The book of mormon' by Som Produce.

Meanwhile, in Text Theatre, the Best Supporting Actor has been Raúl Prieto for 'Tan solo el fin del mundo' and the Best Supporting Actress Vicky Peña for 'La isla de aire', who in her speech has demanded to "do more the will for peace is stronger than the will for war" while reading a text by José Saramago.

"It is about participating in the general mobilization of the fight for peace. It is the life of humanity that we are defending. This of today and that of tomorrow that may be lost," Peña read.

Continuing in the Text Theater category, the Best Leading Actor of Text Theater Pedro Casablanc for his role in 'Don Ramón María del Valle-Inclán through Ramón Gómez de la Serna' although he was not able to come to collect the award.

The Teatro de la Zarzuela has won the Best Lyric Show with 'La Dolores' and 'Excuse me if I introduce you like I don't know you' by Miguel Barreto and La Petite Victoria Cen has won the statuette for Best Circus Show and in his speech has claimed "Free Palestine."

On the other hand, the Honor Award for Professional Career went to Josep Carreras, who received a three-minute ovation after which he remembered "the great" Lola Herrera, who received the same award in the last edition.

The Best Stage Direction went to Iñaki Ricarte for 'Forever'; The Best Production Work has been achieved by 'La Veronal'; The Talía of Studies and Dissemination of the Performing Arts has been taken by Primer Acto Magazine and has been picked up by the screenwriter Ángela Monleón.

Meanwhile, in the Lyric category, Jorge de León has been awarded Best Male Performer for 'La Dolores'; The Best Female Performer was Ruth Iniesta for 'Rigoletto', who thanked the "women who paved the way."

During the gala, Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo wanted to pay tribute to the theater technicians before announcing the special prizes awarded by the Academy of Performing Arts, the Extraordinary Prize of the Government of the Canary Islands, which went to Antonia San Juan, who has He assured that it is "the hours of work that I dedicated to my project" and has recognized that the theater has given him "everything"; and for Vicente Fuentes.

Singer Kiki Morente has also received the Young Talent Award, followed by ONCE's Award for social change and inclusion in the performing arts, which won the Almagro International Classical Theater Festival.

Another of the disciplines awarded at the Talía has been dance, thanks to which David Coria has won the statuette of Best Male Performer for 'The Stolen Dances'; Lorena Nogal with Best Female Performer for 'Firmamento'; 'Firmamento', produced by La Veronal, with the award for Best Show; and Mario Bermúdez Gil, for 'Averno', awarded for Best Choreography.

As for international recognition, 'The Red Rose' has won Best New York Performing Arts Production of Contemporary Hispanic Authorship, with a libretto by Rosalba Rolón and produced by Pregones y Teatro Rodante Puertorriqueño; 'Cotton of Sugar', by Gabriela Ochoa and company Conejillos de Guineas, has won the Talía for Best Latin American Performing Arts Show.

Actor Antonio Banderas has presented the Award for the International Promotion of Hispanic Performing Arts to Actors Studios of New York.

Finally, the Talía awards for Best Text Theater Authorship and Best Company Work have been won by Juan Carlos Rubio for 'The Boyfriend of Spain' - which has dedicated the award to "peace" - and La Joven, respectively.