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Illa advocates for a "transversal" Government and Junts rules out agreeing with the socialists

Aragonès and Estrada will agree based on content and Albiach rules out agreeing with the right.

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Illa advocates for a "transversal" Government and Junts rules out agreeing with the socialists

Aragonès and Estrada will agree based on content and Albiach rules out agreeing with the right


The PSC candidate to preside over the Generalitat, Salvador Illa, has defended forming a "transversal" Government after the May 12 elections, while the number 3 of Junts, Josep Rull, has ruled out agreeing with the socialists and making Illa president .

In the RTVE debate for the Catalan elections this Thursday, the president of the Generalitat and ERC candidate for re-election, Pere Aragonès, has assured that he will agree based on content, like the CUP candidate, Laia Estrada, and that of the Comuns, Jéssica Albiach, has ruled out pacts with the right.

For his part, the PP candidate, Alejandro Fernández, has maintained that they will not speak "with anyone who intends to continue breaking the constitutional pact", while the Vox candidate, Ignacio Garriga, has criticized the fact that there is an "anti-fascist pact" against his formation, and Cs has accused PSOE and PP of agreeing with the independence movement.

Illa has maintained that he will present his candidacy for the investiture and has asked the rest of the forces if they will block it, has advocated making pacts that generate stability, and has accused the PP of having "hidden meetings with Junts" after the general elections.

The number 3 of Junts has refused to agree with the PSC and invest Illa, since it assures that its formation cannot "turn the page on 1-O", and has assured that the two options that will exist after 12M will be a Government of Illa or one of Puigdemont, since he considers that they are two antagonistic models, in his words.

Aragonès has assured that they will agree on the basis of an agreed referendum, unique financing and an improvement in the well-being and protection of the language, and has added that the position of the PSC in these areas is "evident", after which he has asked Junts and the CUP do not separate independence and social justice.

The 'cupaire' candidate has maintained that they will reach agreements based on what they want to do, and has urged Aragonès to say whether he will not agree with Illa, and has asked Rull how he is going to promote self-determination "if he shares the economic model of the employers".

Albiach has accused Illa of doing "pirouettes" to avoid saying whether or not he will agree with Junts, and has added that agreeing with Puigdemont's team means agreeing "with the great champions of cuts to public services."

The popular candidate has accused Illa of having a relationship of "pure genuflection" with the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and has assured that in his party people can disagree in public, after which he has refused to agree with those who break with the constitutional pact, as the PSC and the independentistas claim to have done.

From Vox, Garriga has regretted that the pacts between PSC and the independentists have "condemned Catalonia to insecurity", and has criticized that Congress has approved the regularization of immigrants through a Popular Legislative Initiative (ILP).

Finally, Carrizosa has refused to make an agreement with Illa, because "he says that those who have stolen have not stolen", in reference to the independentists, and has accused PP and PSOE of not having signed a commitment promoted by Cs not to make an agreement with the independentists.

In the golden minute at the end of the debate, Illa has confronted two possible models, one for "more of the same", and another for moving forward, while Aragonès has emerged as a defender of the improvement of public services, and Rull has appealed to the voters of October 1, 2017 to govern, he says, with the aspiration of Catalans to prosper.

For his part, Ignacio Garriga has promised to tackle insecurity and reduce taxes, Laia Estrada has addressed the voter who wants to reinforce public networks in education, health and residences, while Jéssica Albiach has asked for a change for a strong, stable and left-wing with "clear priorities."

Finally, Carlos Carrizosa has assured that Cs is the party that "will never betray" its voters in the face of its refusal to agree with pro-independence parties, and Alejandro Fernández, from the PP, has defended opening a new stage to reinforce Catalonia's leadership in the face of the decline, he says, of the independence process.