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Spain moves from 36th to 30th place in RSF's world press freedom ranking but political pressure increases

   MADRID, 3 May.

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Spain moves from 36th to 30th place in RSF's world press freedom ranking but political pressure increases


Spain now ranks 30th in the 2024 World Press Freedom Classification by Reporters Without Borders (RSF), and thus rises six positions compared to last year, when it was ranked 36th, although of the five indicators that make up In this classification, the politician "falls" in Spain by just over three points, with a world average of 7.6 points.

"Spain is not saved from the global deterioration of journalism due to political pressure, but it is resisting in a discouraged world scenario. Spain's rise is also explained by the pronounced decline of other countries in the RSF Classification, which paints a poor picture encouraging for press freedom in the world," says Reporters Without Borders in the report it publishes this Friday on the health of freedom of information.

In the biggest electoral year in history, when more than half of the population is called to the polls in 2024, RSF warns of "increasing pressure" from political actors on the media and journalists, to the detriment of independence, the quality of information and pluralism.

And in Spain, polarization and distrust in the media is noticeable in Spain's traditionally solid sociocultural indicator, as highlighted by RSF, which loses almost four points compared to last year, going from 72.12 points to 68. 96 points.

Reporters Without Borders emphasizes that while the excessive concentration of the media in Spain and an already chronic precariousness of the journalistic profession are once again weighing down the economic indicator, which falls below 60 points (out of 100), the legal and The safety of journalists improves compared to last year and explains, together with the decline in other countries, the rise of six positions in the table that our country is experiencing.

It also highlights that "despite the Government's failure to comply with its commitment to repeal the Gag Law, the fact that it has hardly been applied to media professionals for years and that no other legislation that undermines the freedom of information has been recently approved place Spain's legal framework among the 20 most guarantors in the world", according to the Reporters Without Borders Classification.