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The storm 'Nelson' forces warnings to be activated in 37 provinces this Good Friday due to rain, wind, snow and waves

MADRID, 28 Mar.

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The storm 'Nelson' forces warnings to be activated in 37 provinces this Good Friday due to rain, wind, snow and waves


The storm 'Nelson' will continue to affect the Peninsula this Good Friday, March 29, and will put 37 Spanish provinces on notice due to rain, strong gusts of wind, snow, waves and storms, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).

Specifically, in Andalusia, the provinces of Almería, Cádiz and Granada have an alert for coastal phenomena and gusts of wind, which may be up to 70 kilometers per hour (70 km/h), and, in addition, in Cádiz the rain has activated the notices. Córdoba, Málaga and Seville have a warning for rain, and in the case of Jaén, for gusts of wind.

In Huesca, there is an orange alert for storms, and a warning for rain, snow and wind, while in Teruel and Zaragoza the storms have activated the yellow alert.

The coastal phenomena will put Asturias and Cantabria on important alert and alert, respectively, and in Castilla y León, the snow has activated the warnings in Ávila, Burgos, Segovia and Soria.

On the other hand, the wind will put Albacete and Ciudad Real on alert, the snow will do so in Guadalajara, and the rain in Toledo and Ciudad Real. Also on notice due to strong gusts of wind will be Girona and Lleida, the latter also due to snow.

In Galicia, A Coruña, Lugo and Pontevedra, coastal phenomena have activated a significant risk, with waves up to 8 meters high, and, while Madrid and La Rioja have a snowfall alert, Murcia has a warning for gusts of wind and waves.

The gusts of wind will also put Navarra on alert, along with the rain and snowfall, and the coastal phenomena have activated the orange alert in Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya.

Thus, Valencia and Alicante have a warning due to strong gusts of wind, and in the case of Alicante also due to coastal phenomena, while in Castellón the alert has been activated by the storm warning. Also in Melilla, the AEMET has activated the alert for coastal phenomena.

Finally, in the Canary Islands, there is a warning for rain and wind, and an important warning for waves in El Hierro and Tenerife; orange alert for waves and yellow alert for wind in Gran Canaria and La Palma; wave warning in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura; and warning for waves and gusts of wind in La Gomera.

Locally strong or persistent rainfall will mark the day of March 29 in the southwest quadrant of the peninsula, Aragon, the Pyrenees and the western half of the Canary Islands with a snow level dropping to 800/1,400 meters and intervals of strong wind on the coast of Galicia, the Pyrenees , Ampurdán, southeastern third of the peninsula and the Canary Islands.

Thus, the AEMET predicts that the Peninsula will continue to be affected by the 'Nelson' storm with Atlantic fronts, cloudy or overcast skies and almost widespread rainfall, occasionally accompanied by storms, although in the extreme eastern part of the peninsula they are less likely and would occur weakly. scattered and accompanied by mud, in the Balearic Islands they are not expected.

In the case of the Canary Islands, an Atlantic front will leave cloudy skies and precipitation, which may be locally strong in the western half of the archipelago, and less likely in the eastern islands.

The snow level, already mentioned, will be 800/1,200 meters in the northwest third of the peninsula, 1,500/2,000 meters dropping to 1,000/1,400 meters in the rest of the peninsula, and about 2,000 meters in the Canary Islands.

For its part, the maximum temperatures will increase in Galicia, the eastern end of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, and will decrease in the rest, while the minimum temperatures will increase in Catalonia and will decrease in the rest of the southeastern half of the peninsula, so the frosts will be restricted to mountainous areas of the central and northern peninsula.

As for the winds, the AEMET predicts that they will be from the southwest in most of the Peninsula, with strong intervals on the coast of Galicia, the Pyrenees, Ampurdán and the southeastern third of the peninsula, while in the Balearic Islands they will be moderate from the south and in the Canary Islands will blow from the northwest, with strong intervals.