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RELEASE: Dogfy Diet leads in canine nutrition with revolutionary natural solutions

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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RELEASE: Dogfy Diet leads in canine nutrition with revolutionary natural solutions

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 26, 2024.- Traditional canine nutrition products use processed foods that are very healthy and appetizing for pets.

For this reason, Dogfy Diet has become a revolutionary company with the production and sale of natural dog food.

This meal is carefully made by experts in said nutrition and advanced feeding algorithms. In addition to this, the products are complete and balanced, so that dogs maintain a healthy lifestyle and adequate natural hydration.

How does Dogfy Diet differentiate itself in the canine nutrition market?

The product has nothing to do with traditional dog food: unlike dry food, Dogfy Diet is made with unprocessed, human-grade ingredients, and is steamed in its own juices, obtaining a food with a smell, unmatched texture and flavor. In addition, we have our own algorithm that calculates the exact weight that each dog needs taking into account its physiological characteristics, so this makes the client's task much easier when offering the ration. We send the food directly to the customer's home on a regular basis, so the customer can not worry about this aspect. And not only that: the plan includes a free personalized tracking service for clients. Once a customer makes their first purchase, our Team of Nutritionists remains at their disposal for any questions about their eating plan.

Can Dogfy Diet foods guarantee a 100% natural diet without addictives or chemicals?

Dogfy Diet is made using whole, unprocessed human-grade ingredients. In addition, a mix of vitamins and minerals is added to ensure that it is a food suitable for dogs of any age, breed and size, since the recipes are formulated in compliance with the standards of the European FEDIAF guides.

What type of professionals work or collaborate directly with Dogfy Diet to ensure compliance with health and safety standards?

All recipes are formulated by registered veterinarians in Barcelona. During the production process, internal control is carried out 24/7 in the cooking room by the Dogfy Diet quality team. Each produced batch of final product is analyzed in a private external laboratory (we work with 2 laboratories). Furthermore, as the production plant is located in the province of Barcelona, ​​the Generalitat de Catalunya supervises through random inspections and taking representative samples to analyze in its certified laboratories and corroborate that they comply with the regulations. As for suppliers, each arriving batch of ingredients is evaluated and the ingredients are also nutritionally analyzed on a monthly basis.

What was the main motivation to create a revolution in canine nutrition with natural and homemade solutions?

Sergi Font, one of the co-founders, had a dog that suffered from epileptic episodes. After months of giving him very strong medication, the veterinarian recommended that he try preparing natural food cooked at home. This solution worked better than he expected and the attacks decreased considerably. A similar story happened to the second co-founder Gonzalo Noy, who had a dog that suffered from pancreatitis and, when he started feeding it natural food, it improved so much that he was able to stop the treatments. It was at that moment when the two friends decided to start this daring business project.

What are the main benefits of a natural, homemade diet for dogs?

In terms of the dog's enjoyment, a natural cooked diet greatly improves their experience, since the food has a texture and smell that are naturally attractive to them. At the digestive level, this type of food has a higher digestibility than feed, which means that the dog's body can take advantage of the nutrients much better. Another advantage of this type of food is that it is a completely safe food for the dog and his family, and that is why the veterinary community trusts in this type of food.

What is the long-term impact of this type of natural diet?

It is a complete and balanced food, which guarantees that the dog can maintain a healthy life without suffering any excess or deficiency of nutrients. Furthermore, thanks to the way it is cooked, the dog will enjoy eating it, which is an advantage especially for dogs with capricious appetites. Thanks to its high moisture content, it guarantees natural hydration while the dog eats.

How does Dogfy Diet answer its customers' questions regarding the dog food it offers?

Dogfy Diet offers a nutrition team available to its clients completely free of charge to answer any questions regarding their diet plan. Clients have a team of specialists who accompany them throughout the process and resolve any questions that may arise.

Are Dogfy Diet nutritionists and experts available to offer personalized advice?

Yes, any active Dogfy Diet user can request this service for free, to follow up tailored to their dog's case. The advice is given via email or call, and is completely personalized.

How does Dogfy Diet adapt to the nutritional needs of its buyers and different dog breeds?

The heart of Dogfy Diet is a sophisticated algorithm that integrates all the dog's individual data (breed, weight, age, lifestyle, etc.) to calculate the ration it needs each day. Likewise, the Nutrition Team closely monitors the dogs to help adjust the plan if necessary.

What has been the reaction and evaluation of Dogfy Diet customers in relation to your service?

The majority of customers give excellent evaluations of Dogfy Diet's services, highlighting the speed of shipping, the quality of the product and the free nutritionist service that carries out personalized monitoring of the dogs and is available to users of the brand. .

How is Dogfy Diet different in the canine nutrition market?

Dogfy Diet differentiates itself above all by including a free personalized monitoring service for clients. Once a client makes the first purchase, our Team of Nutritionists remains at their disposal for any questions about their feeding plan, offering the best advice according to the specific case of the dog. In addition, we have our own algorithm that calculates the exact weight that each dog needs taking into account its physiological characteristics.

Dogfy Diet stands out in the market for offering a revolutionary and personalized natural dog food coupled with a free after-sales follow-up service. The company continues to grow, improve its products and train its team to offer solid, professional and high-quality results to its contractors every day.


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