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The PSOE-M appears as a popular accusation in the case against Ayuso's partner for the general interest

He argues that the events would affect the general interests, such as an attempt to defraud the Public Treasury.

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The PSOE-M appears as a popular accusation in the case against Ayuso's partner for the general interest

He argues that the events would affect the general interests, such as an attempt to defraud the Public Treasury.

The PSOE of Madrid has presented in the Court of Instruction number 19 of Madrid a document of appearance as a popular accusation in the investigation opened against Alberto G. A., partner of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and four other people for alleged tax fraud and a crime of falsification of a commercial document.

In the document, to which Europa Press had access, the socialists state that by being able to refer the case to possible criminal responsibilities, in particular, in relation to crimes against public finances and document falsification, they would be facing a cause of general interest of the citizens.

He argues that there is no need to file a complaint or bond because the facts have their origin, "in principle, in contracts related to the supply of health materials acquired during the management of the Covid1-9 crisis, and that, in any case ", would affect the general interests as it is an attempt to defraud the Public Treasury."

Therefore, the PSOE requests your personación in representation of its affiliates and the general interest of the citizenry that presides over the actions of this organization.

He understands that "this is the appropriate procedural moment to appear in the exercise of popular action, since we are dealing with a cause of general interest for citizens, which affects public finances, and the social concern and alarm that produce this type of behavior in society."

"Therefore, without prejudice to the legitimacy of the Prosecutor's Office to initiate these legal actions in defense of legality and the public interest, we understand that there are general interests of citizens who may have been affected as a result of the events under investigation, that justify our presence in the case as a popular accusation, in exercise of the right recognized in article 125 of the Spanish Constitution," he says.


The Investigative Judge number 19 of Madrid has summoned Alberto G. A. as an investigator on May 20, to testify for the alleged commission of two crimes of tax fraud and one crime of forgery in a commercial document, after he has initiated proceedings against him and four other people in relation to the complaint made by the Public Prosecutor's Office, which fell to this judicial body in turn.

The investigation focuses on the alleged criminal evidence regarding facts related to the Corporate Tax corresponding to the years 2020 and 2021 and an alleged crime of falsification of a commercial document due to invoices having been provided that do not correspond to services actually provided and contributed with the purpose of reducing the tax amount to be paid.

The Prosecutor's Office investigated the facts following a report from the Tax Agency, referring to the entity Maxwell Cremona Engineering and Processes Society for the Promotion of the Environment, which warned of alleged tax fraud when "some fictitious expenses based on invoices" were detected during an investigation. issued by various companies". As a result of this report, the Prosecutor's Office agreed on January 23 to open investigation proceedings, which has led to the presentation of the aforementioned complaint in the investigative courts of Madrid.


Subsequently, the general secretary of the PSOE-M, Juan Lobato, defended this measure in the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons in order to "have information about a procedure" that he believes could have a link with the Community of Madrid.

"We asked for information in the Assembly on issues related to the supervision of your Government. It seems bad to you and you veto it. We ask that the Contracting Supervision Commission can supervise emergency contracts, the Zendal contracts seem bad to the Ayuso's PP. It's just that everything seems wrong to him. Anything that involves minimal control of the work they do," Lobato launched.

He considers that it is essential for the opposition to know "how everyone spends their money" and believes that with this persona, they have a way to "stay up to date and have information about that judicial file." "We need to be there to do our job, which is to monitor where those euros of taxes from companies and families in the Community went," she stressed.