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The CIS places the PSOE ten points above the PP after Sánchez's announcement to take a parenthesis

Sumar plummets to 7.

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The CIS places the PSOE ten points above the PP after Sánchez's announcement to take a parenthesis

Sumar plummets to 7.2%, its worst figure since Yolanda Díaz set up the coalition

The Sociological Research Center (CIS) places the PSOE almost ten points above the PP after the announcement by President Pedro Sánchez to open a period of reflection to decide on its future, with a vote estimate of 38.6% of the socialists and 29.2% for the 'popular'.

After the reflection period was announced, the president of the CIS, the socialist sociologist José Félix Tezanos, decided to launch the public body's operation to carry out a flash poll on that decision by Pedro Sánchez, all of this when Spain is in the middle of the electoral period for the European elections of June 9.

According to the public body, the survey is based on 1,809 telephone interviews carried out last Friday, a sample that is slightly less than half that of a monthly barometer. Of course, socialist voters predominate among those surveyed, since according to their voting memory, the last general election was won by the PSOE with an eight-point lead, when in reality the victory was for the PP, two points ahead of the socialists.

If at the beginning of April the CIS placed the PP one point above the PSOE in its monthly barometer, in this flash survey after Sánchez's announcement the situation has turned around.

According to its vote estimate, the PSOE now has 38.6% support, a percentage that Sánchez has not had in the last five years and that far exceeds the 31.7% of the last general elections.

And while the PSOE soars, the CIS gives the PP a vote estimate of 29.2%, four points less than the previous month and also below the 33% with which it won the July 2023 general elections.

This makes the difference between the two major parties now 9.4 points in favor of the PSOE, a distance that has not been seen since spring 2021.


And, meanwhile, Vox continues to sit in third place, now with a vote estimate of 11%, while Sumar maintains its decline and, according to the CIS, is already at 7.2%, its worst record. Podemos, for its part, maintains a vote estimate of 2.4%.

The PSOE also wins in direct voting intention, since 24.2% say they would vote for the PSOE if the elections were held tomorrow, compared to 15.9% who would support the PP. Of course, when faced with this direct question, there are 19% who do not know what to answer and 6% who prefer not to answer.