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The PP says that it will "fight the battle on all fronts" against the amnesty law: "It only benefits Puigdemont and Sánchez"

MADRID, 9 Mar.

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The PP says that it will "fight the battle on all fronts" against the amnesty law: "It only benefits Puigdemont and Sánchez"


The PP has stressed this Saturday that "it will always be fighting on all fronts" against the amnesty law agreed by the Government with ERC and Junts, both on the institutional front and in the courts and in the European Union.

"The Popular Party is going to be fighting on all fronts, on the institutional front, from the courts and of course from the streets, supporting all civil society that does not stop telling the President of the Government that we do not agree with what he is doing," indicated the Deputy Secretary of Health and Education of the PP, Ester Muñoz, at the beginning of the demonstration 'There are plenty of reasons, Sánchez resigns!' convened by civil society in Madrid, and which she attended accompanied by the PP spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, and the popular senator Alfonso Serrano.

Muñoz has highlighted that the amnesty law "only benefits two citizens in Spain, Carles Puigdemont and Pedro Sánchez" and that due to this fact, the PP is participating in this demonstration this Saturday and "will always be accompanying all the demonstrations organized civil society". He added that the Spanish already know what responses the Popular Party is giving, both in the Cortes Generales and in the European institutions.

In this sense, Montserrat has indicated that next week they will denounce the corruption of the Koldo case in the Plenary Session of Strasbourg because, as she indicated, this alleged case of corruption "has used European funds."

"The money for masks is spent on parties (...) There is money for everything, there is money to amnesty the corrupt (...) then there is no money for the basics. And what are the basics, for example, in Madrid? Cercanías", Serrano stated in relation to this case and the amnesty law.

In parallel, the Deputy Secretary of Health has indicated that the main popular leaders have not attended to date because this weekend the barons and the leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, are in Córdoba to coordinate policies and share actions on economic matters. educational or conciliation.

"The party leadership had previously planned a meeting, which is also very important, in Córdoba, everyone is there with our regional presidents giving a response to the real problems of the Spanish people," Muñoz stated.

And in reference to the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, which issued a draft on the amnesty law, Muñoz has highlighted that it rules that amnesties must be included in the Constitution and warns that this law is not in the Constitution.

"In fact, it tells the Government that what it should do is include it in the Constitution. It also says that what this amnesty is doing is fragmenting civil society and Spain, that is what this draft report recognizes. It also says that judges cannot be judged or called prevaricators for doing what they have to do, which is their job," Muñoz concluded.