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The messages of the 'Koldo plot' point to a conversation between Illa and Torres about medical supplies

The investigator of the 'Koldo case' asked those investigated for money for Joselito hams: For "the people who take care of us".

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The messages of the 'Koldo plot' point to a conversation between Illa and Torres about medical supplies

The investigator of the 'Koldo case' asked those investigated for money for Joselito hams: For "the people who take care of us"


The Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard has revealed a chat in which some of the alleged members of the 'Koldo plot' spoke of an alleged conversation that the then Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, would have had with whoever was President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres. "At 7 o'clock Illa spoke with the man from the Canary Islands, in principle to give him the OK," explained one of those investigated.

This is clear from the summary of the case, to which Europa Press has had access, and which details the WhatsApp conversations that the alleged achiever of the plot, Víctor de Aldama, had in a private chat with César Moreno, Javier Serrano and Ignacio Díaz. According to the Central Operational Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, these three would maintain "links" with Koldo García, the former advisor of former minister José Luis Ábalos, and would have helped De Aldama to carry out "a depatrimonialization" of his funds. in Spain.

In that group, according to an official letter from the Armed Institute, those investigated spoke a few days before the mention of Illa and Víctor Torres - in August 2020 - about performing PCR tests. "Maximum discretion," said Serrano.

A few hours after the mention of Illa and Víctor Torres, another exchange of messages took place. "They have approved the project from Health, I just hung up with Víctor, I will tell you tomorrow," Díaz explained. "Damn, do we have deadlines?" Moreno asked him. "Yes, I'll tell you tomorrow. But we are underway," Díaz responded. "Let's go for it, great for tomorrow," settled his interlocutor.

That same month, in August 2020, the name of the then Canarian president came up again. "I need someone to come to do 6 PCRs at the Ministry of Transportation at 12:30," Díaz wrote. The agents claim that he then shared a screenshot of a conversation with Víctor Torres, although this is not reflected in the report.

The Civil Guard also points to the conversation that Ignacio Díaz would have had with Antonio Olivera, then Canarian deputy councilor and now Víctor Torres' chief of staff. "Good afternoon, Antonio. I'm Nacho Díaz from Megalab, I called you but you won't have my number. Koldo told me to call you urgently. We'll talk when you can," Díaz wrote. "I'll call you now, Nacho," Olivera answered.

The conversations also contain references to a meeting that Díaz himself would have held with another chief of staff. "On Wednesday I have to go to lunch with Illa's chief of staff. And we should prepare what we want, or what we are going to ask," he commented in the group.

The group of those investigated would also reveal that the 'Koldo plot' carried out PCR tests in May 2021 on the then director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, and her daughter. "The director of the Civil Guard has come with her daughter, who apparently had notified us, but no one has said anything to me. I have not charged her, they have done PCR, she has insisted a little but not much, I also didn't know if I had to charge it or not," Serrano noted in an audio recording.

In it, transcribed by the agents, Serrano acknowledges that he did not charge for carrying out the tests. "I mean, let's see, if he had been legally obligated, he would have insisted more, but I think he has done well," he adds.

The aforementioned document also reveals that De Aldama asked the other three investigated by the National Court for 450 euros - and who called themselves the "4 musketeers" in a WhatsApp group - "as a contribution" to the three Joselito hams that he had bought. "For the people who take care of us," he explained.

In that group there was also talk of the first tender that would have been awarded to those investigated. It was on May 20, 2020 when Serrano sent a screenshot about the performance of COVID-19 serologies, specifically a file from INECO - a company of the Ministry of Transport - worth 18,500 euros. "First hitchhiking contest they've given us. I've applied. They're going to award us 18,500 euros," Serrano announced.