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STATEMENT: Erum Vial remembers the importance of road education to improve road safety

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Erum Vial remembers the importance of road education to improve road safety

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The company continues its commitment to road safety by developing effective solutions, such as the One Connected Led Emergency Light

Madrid, April 25, 2024.-

Erum Vial, leader in road safety solutions, reaffirms its commitment to driver education and the promotion of safe practices on the roads. In an effort to improve road safety awareness and responsibility, the company offers key tips for drivers:1. Keep your attention on the road: avoid distractions such as using your mobile phone while driving. Pay attention to traffic signs and road conditions at all times.2. Respect speed limits: Adjust speed to traffic conditions and established speed limits. Reducing speed in high traffic areas or in adverse weather conditions can prevent accidents.3. Maintain a safe distance: you must keep an adequate distance from the vehicle in front to have sufficient reaction time in case of emergency, increasing caution in areas of low visibility.4. Use the seat belt correctly: you must ensure that all vehicle occupants use the seat belt correctly at all times, regardless of the distance of the journey. 5.  Obey traffic rules: All traffic rules and regulations must be complied with, including traffic signs and traffic light indications.6. Avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, regardless of the amount consumed: you should never drive if you have consumed alcohol or psychoactive substances. Another driver must be designated who has not consumed or uses alternative means of transportation.7. You should rest adequately before driving: you should avoid driving if you are fatigued or drowsy. You should get enough rest before embarking on long trips and make frequent stops to rest along the way. In addition, Erum Vial emphasizes the importance of always carrying the ONE LED emergency light in the car. This light not only guarantees effective signaling in the event of a breakdown, accident or any type of incident, but also provides connectivity with the DGT for a rapid response from emergency services. With LED ONE, drivers can be protected and connected at all times. Erum Vial continues its commitment to promoting road safety education and developing effective road safety solutions to prevent accidents and protect the lives of drivers and pedestrians. For more information about road safety solutions and how they can To help, you can go to the LED ONE website. Issuer: Erum Vial

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