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Interior opens an ex officio investigation into police action in Lavapiés (Madrid) after a "brawl"

MADRID, 1 Abr.

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Interior opens an ex officio investigation into police action in Lavapiés (Madrid) after a "brawl"


The Ministry of the Interior has opened an ex officio investigation through its National Office for the Guarantee of Human Rights (ONGADH) regarding the police action in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés this weekend after the events that occurred in a " brawl." During the weekend, Sumar and other government partners asked for explanations, considering that racism was incurred due to the excessive force of the agents.

According to sources from the Ministry of the Interior, the department headed by Fernando Grande-Marlaska has officially opened information in relation to the police intervention "on the events that occurred in the brawl in Lavapiés", in case this action reveals an "alleged violation of fundamental rights".

The ONGADH is an office dependent on the Inspection of Security Personnel and Services of the General Directorate of Coordination and Studies of the Secretariat of State for Security.

This office, created in February 2022, is tasked with ensuring compliance by the State Security Forces and Corps with national and international standards that guarantee respect for the fundamental rights of people, as recalled by the Interior.

Specifically, the ONGADH acts as a "monitoring, coordination and evaluation mechanism that helps to make visible and promote the commitment of the State Security Forces and Corps in respect for human rights, for which it analyzes facts and actions that may "reveal an alleged violation of people's fundamental rights during a police action."

The Government Delegation in Madrid reported this Sunday that an investigation had been opened into the actions of National Police agents last Friday in Lavapiés, and that it went viral on social networks.

According to sources from the Higher Police Headquarters this weekend, the agents arrested two people in Lavapiés this Friday for an attack against authority after both individuals had a rather hostile attitude towards the police, leaving one of them injured. .

"At this time an investigation is open in this regard. Proportionality is and should be a main component of police action," highlighted the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, Francisco Martín, on his social networks in response to a deputy. from Más Madrid.

The spokespersons for this party in the City Council and the Assembly, Rita Maestre and Manuela Bergerot, respectively, charged this Saturday against the "racism" that they see in the video of the police operation that has gone viral on social networks.

"It includes what appears to be an attack in the Lavapiés neighborhood, by two agents of the National Police against two young men, where cruelty can be perceived, which does not seem to respond to a moderate protocol of police action," said the spokesperson for Add in Congress, Íñigo Errejón.