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Guilarte believes that Reynders was "naive" when negotiating the CGPJ with PSOE and PP and regrets that there has been no "progress"

MADRID, 24 Abr.

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Guilarte believes that Reynders was "naive" when negotiating the CGPJ with PSOE and PP and regrets that there has been no "progress"


The interim president of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), Vicente Guilarte, has assured that he believes that the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has been "naive" when negotiating the renewal of the governing body of the judges with the PSOE and the PP, regretting at the same time that there has been no "progress" in this regard.

"From a neutral perspective, which is what I must maintain, we have two negotiators who each go their own way and who do not converge anywhere," said Guilarte in an interview on Cadena Ser, which Europa Press has collected. in which he has been "perplexed" because, in his opinion, there has not been a "negotiation" between the two main parties, but rather "they have met twice and each one has staged their position."

In this sense, the interim president of the CGPJ has acknowledged that he has not noticed "any progress" in the negotiation, while at the same time he has indicated that he believes that Commissioner Reynders must be "hallucinating" and was "naive" in the two meetings. . "I think he also wanted to obtain a certain political return or for his own purposes and I don't think it turned out very well," he said.

Guilarte has also stated that he tries to help in the renewal of the governing body of the judges, but it would make no sense to continue in office if he does not succeed, which is why he is considering resigning in the summer. "I also don't want to make any noise or have it used politically. I think I have played a role and tried to help in the renewal. I have seen that until today my behavior and my attitude have not generated the slightest impact on that possible renewal," he admitted. , while admitting a certain discomfort with other members of the CGPJ. "I don't enjoy the sympathy of many of my colleagues," he noted.

On the other hand, Guilarte has defended his 'Proposal for the modification of the system of appointments of government positions and of judges of the Supreme Court and of election of members of the CGPJ', a 17-page document in which formulas are proposed to avoid future blockages of the body and other measures against the politicization of Justice.

The president of the CGPJ has said that we must "look for intermediary formulas" in the face of the attitude of the two major parties, which "each one goes their own way and will never meet."

Specifically, he has referred to the appointments of the governing body of judges in the judicial leadership and in the election of government positions, which would affect the Presidency of the National Court, Provincial Courts, the TSJ, as well as the Chamber. of the National Court, Chambers of the TSJ and Presidencies of Chambers of the Supreme Court.

Guilarte has stressed that he has "lived the experience" of "how presidents of the hearings are appointed" and there are candidates that "we don't even know" from the CGPJ. "I do not want to pejoratively describe anyone. I am not qualified nor are my colleagues to value certain disciplines to which I am alien," he defended, while insisting that government positions, which "are bureaucratic government," must be appointed by the judges of the territory, who are the ones who know them.