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Biden and Trump win the primaries in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona

MADRID, 20 Mar.

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Biden and Trump win the primaries in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona


The president of the United States, Joe Biden, and former president Donald Trump have won this Tuesday the primary elections of their respective parties, the Democrat and the Republican, respectively, in the states of Ohio, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona, where the two candidates They have obtained more than 75 percent of the support.

In addition to these results, Trump has also obtained his victory in the Republican primaries in the state of Florida, where he has obtained all the delegates (125) by registering more than 80 percent of the votes, according to projections by the CNN television network.

In the case of Biden, the Democratic primaries in the state of Florida were canceled, since only the president appeared, to whom all the delegates have been automatically assigned (224).

Last week Biden and Trump obtained enough delegates to become the candidates of their political formations for the presidential elections next November, in an election in which they have swept practically all the votes due to the lack of significant rivals within them. of their parties.

However, neither will become official candidates until each party's national conventions, which will be held this summer.

Biden and his predecessor, Donald Trump, are heading for a rematch in the November presidential elections in the United States, repeating the electoral confrontation between the two experienced in the 2020 elections, in a country polarized after the surprising triumph of the American magnate in 2016.

Since then, both candidacies have been marked by the advanced age of both and, above all, by the numerous judicial processes on Trump's shoulders. In recent months, Biden's management of the conflict in the Gaza Strip has brought him numerous internal criticisms.