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An Espaitec company from the UJI presents an innovative disinfection system at Transfiere 2024 Neodys


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An Espaitec company from the UJI presents an innovative disinfection system at Transfiere 2024 Neodys


The spin-off of the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló MOLECULAR Sustainable Solutions, located in the Scientific and Technological Park (Espaitec), has presented at Transfer 2024 Neodys an innovative disinfection and sterilization method that eliminates the need to produce, transport, store and use carcinogenic, mutagenic and explosive chemicals.

The CEO of this firm, Carlos Estévez Company, has had the opportunity to explain this new technology that "will mark a milestone in the sterilization of medical devices, replacing ethylene oxide with an effective and safe alternative, as well as in disinfection and sterilization in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, allowing fast and effective processes that significantly reduce water and energy consumption."

Neodys also allows the active agent to be generated at the point of use and on demand through an automatic generating device, which avoids the use of plastic containers and the generation of toxic and dangerous waste.

With the support of the UJI.>LAB Impulso program, designed to promote market transfer projects of technologies developed at the UJI, MOLECULAR will commercially exploit the patented technology. The spin-off has initiated collaborations with the healthcare and industrial sectors to carry out demonstration projects. With the aim of accelerating the regulatory processes that allow the technology to enter the market, MOLECULAR has opened a financing round.

The universities, including the UJI, and the Network of Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community, as well as the Valencian Business Confederation, participate under the brand 'CV i Comunidad Valenciana', an initiative promoted by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism, coordinated by the Network of Valencian Universities for the Promotion of Research, Development and Innovation (RUVID).

Its objective is to promote the creation and consolidation of innovation ecosystems in the Valencian Community and during the days of the forum, technological solutions transferable to the productive environment in its priority sectors, such as the circular economy, health or digitalization, are presented.

Transfer, one of the largest European events on knowledge transfer and I D i, is structured in different spaces -Innovation Room, Science Room, Agora, Research Center and Andalucía Knowledge-. The thematic areas of this edition are related to the territoriality of innovation, data sovereignty, public procurement of innovation (PPI), entrepreneurship and open innovation, research and knowledge transfer, investment and financing, as well as scientific communication and dissemination (