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Vidrala appoints Raúl Gómez as new CEO and its board will vote on an extraordinary dividend of 129 million

MADRID, 27 Mar.

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Vidrala appoints Raúl Gómez as new CEO and its board will vote on an extraordinary dividend of 129 million


Vidrala has appointed Raúl Gómez, until now the company's financial director, as the company's new CEO as a result of a planned succession process, as reported this Wednesday by the firm, which will vote at its next meeting on an extraordinary dividend of a maximum of 129 million euros conditional on the effective sale of its Italian subsidiary.

The company, which will make these changes to its corporate governance on June 30, 2024, has assured that the board will take into consideration the current CEO, Gorka Schmitt, to be proposed as a member of the board.

In this context, Schmitt has highlighted that he will support Gómez "to ensure an efficient transition", while the new CEO has stated that "customer, cost and capital" will continue to constitute the basis of the strategic and management principles. from Vidrala.

Within the framework of the 'CEO Succession Plan' developed by Vidrala, the board has considered that it is the "appropriate time for the transition of the position to Raúl Gómez to occur and expresses its confidence in his leadership abilities to successfully face the future business challenges.


For its part, the company will vote at its ordinary general meeting of shareholders, scheduled for next April 30 on first call, an extraordinary dividend of 4 euros gross per share, charged to freely available reserves, subject to the closing of the operation of sale of its Italian subsidiary.

Thus, the payment of this extra dividend is conditional on the successful execution of the sale of Vidrala Italia to a company in the Verallia group for an amount of 230 million euros.

If the transaction is closed, the aforementioned extraordinary dividend would be added to the previously announced profit distribution proposal of 1.4455 euros per share - including 0.4 euros per share as a bonus for attendance at the meeting. -, which already represented a 20% increase in the annual dividend, considering the effect of the new shares assigned free of charge after the last paid-up capital increase.

Vidrala has reiterated anticipated growth trends and expects to consolidate results in Europe and the United Kingdom, complemented by "solid" trends in Brazil, while ensuring that more details will be provided during its meeting, when the company will communicate official forecasts for this exercise.


After having paid an interim dividend on February 15 in the amount of 1.0180 gross euros per share, the company will approve, as a complementary dividend, the payment to each of the company's ordinary shares in circulation of an amount of 0.3864 gross euros per share.

Vidrala, which will pay said complementary dividend on July 15, will also re-elect Virginia Urigüen Villalba as an external director to its board, and will ratify and appoint Iñigo Errandonea Delclaux as a proprietary director.

The company will also put to a vote the directors' remuneration policy for the years 2024, 2025 and 2026, as well as approve the management of its board and its annual accounts and those of its consolidated group of companies corresponding to the year 2023.


For its part, Vidrala has recalled that it is executing a program to buy back its own shares, through which up to 330,000 shares will be acquired for a maximum effective amount of 33 million euros.

The purpose of the program will be to redeem own shares equivalent to 1% of the share capital, increasing the profit per share that corresponds to each shareholder.