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The world of cinema rises up on the Goya red carpet against Vox's criticism of the sector: "Nothing subsidized"

   VALLADOLID, 10 Feb.

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The world of cinema rises up on the Goya red carpet against Vox's criticism of the sector: "Nothing subsidized"


The nominees and guests at the 38th Goya Gala ceremony, which is being held this Saturday at the Valladolid Fair, have rejected Vox's criticism against the sector and, as several of the attendees have agreed to point out, "subsidized , nothing".

This is how they expressed themselves in response to the statements of the vice president of the Regional Government of Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, who stated the day before the gala that "the gentlemen are the ones who want to make a living by producing cinematographic works that no one sees later." at the cost of millions and millions of euros that Spanish taxpayers pay with great effort".

The Minister of Culture, Ernest Urtarsun, responded this Saturday to García-Gallardo - who attended the gala - that in the film industry "there are no gentlemen", but rather "workers who are a source of pride for the country", at an event in Valladolid with the unions, before his arrival at the Goya ceremony.

Film director Isabel Coixet expressed herself along the same lines upon her arrival on the Goya pink carpet, emphasizing that she has "nothing" as a "young lady." "I come from the working class, everything I have earned I have done with my effort," said the director who also wore a badge in favor of Gaza.

Regarding the presence of Vox, Javier Calvo has quoted the late socialist activist and politician Pedro Zerolo: "In my world you fit, but I don't in yours." "And that is where we position ourselves," added Javier Ambrossi.

The actor Enric Auquer has expressed himself in the same sense, for whom the presence of Vox at the gala should serve to stop them saying that they are subsidized. "I don't consider myself a gentleman nor subsidized," added singer Xoel López in reference to these criticisms.

Meanwhile, producer María Zamora, together with Carla Simón, has defended the presence of Vox, as well as that of other invited political forces. "We wouldn't greet them," Simón added about her personal impression.

For the actor Alberto Amman, "everyone is free, like the viewers, everyone is free to criticize a film, whatever they want or not" although he has argued that "there is a brutal ignorance and a specific attack against the sector ".

The director Elena Martin and the actress Clàudia Malagelada have ironically commented on these criticisms. "I don't know if Vox can demand many things from anyone in terms of protecting people's rights," they concluded.

The actor Hugo Silva has assured that the attacks of this formation "have no coherence" while his partner Alex Barndmül has described his attendance at the gala as "incongruous", in line with his co-star, Clara Segura, who also does not understand "a lot" of Vox's presence after "censoring" shows.

For José Coronado, Abascal's training "falls due to the weight of his words"; Ana Torrent has assured that Vox is against the actors; and Ernesto Alterio and José Sacristán have downplayed the criticism. "I have other things to do. But come on, in any case, we shouldn't pay attention. We shouldn't take it for granted," Sacristán concluded.

On the contrary, the entire 'Robot Dreams' team has been in favor of Vox's assistance in order for them to begin to "get to know them a little better and change their minds." "Each politician has her opinion," Mararena Gómez and her husband have indicated.

The guitarist and lyricist of the band Vetusta Morla, Guille Galván, has also referred to Vox by stating that they come "as an institutional function and we come to celebrate and defend what is ours."

"Political parties are quite subsidized too," he ironized, like the Estopa duo, who have joked about the presence of Vox at the gala. "If they have come it is because they will like it. It is foolish to criticize cinema, they may have changed their minds," they said.

Other current issues such as the farmers' protests or the situation in Gaza have been discussed on the red carpet. Macarena Gómez and her husband, Aldo Comas, have demonstrated in favor of the former, shouting "On fire with the farmers!", like Javi Calvo, who has stressed that his grandfather was a farmer, to show his support for the protests. Coronado has also shown his full support for farmers because it is a sector "very much left by the hand of God."

Actress Alba Flores, who was wearing a badge from Gaza, has acknowledged that it is "hard" for her to go anywhere to celebrate something taking into account the situation in Palestine. That is why she has defended this symbol even if it is "a small thing."