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The plenary session of Barcelona defeats the Collboni Budgets, which will be submitted to a question of confidence

Call an extraordinary session on March 27 to have them approved on May 2.

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The plenary session of Barcelona defeats the Collboni Budgets, which will be submitted to a question of confidence

Call an extraordinary session on March 27 to have them approved on May 2

The plenary session of the Barcelona City Council this Friday has overturned the Budget project of Jaume Collboni (PSC), which has only had the support of ERC, and the mayor has announced that he will submit to a question of confidence to have them approved on the 2nd. of May.

Despite being processed in the extraordinary Economy Commission in February with the votes of ERC and BComú, the accounts have not been definitively approved due to the contrary votes of BComú, Junts, PP and Vox, which total 26 councilors compared to the 15 that the PSC is enough with CKD.

Given this scenario, Collboni will call an extraordinary plenary session on March 27, in which the accounts will be voted on again: if the plenary session overthrows them again (as planned), a period of 30 days will open in which it will be possible to configure an alternative majority to elect a new mayor; If it cannot be configured, the accounts will be approved on May 2.

With the ERC votes secured, the vote of the Commons was decisive to reach the majority of the City Council and approve the accounts with the support of 24 councilors, something that has not happened because those of Ada Colau have rejected the Budgets by not having agreed on their entry into government.

"Mrs. Colau, I have never seen so much irresponsibility combined in such a short time," said Collboni, addressing the former mayor, whom he accused of causing the blockage of the Budgets of the Generalitat, those of the State and those of the City Council.

For the mayor, "this attitude of boycotting progressive governments and budgets is a serious mistake that only benefits the right and the extreme right" and the citizens who need the public sector most, he said.

Collboni has insisted that Barcelona will have a Budget in spring, which reaches 3,807 million euros - 5.9% more than in 2023 -, with a planned investment of 944 million euros, and that his government defines as "the more social budget".


For his part, the Deputy Mayor for Economy, Jordi Valls, has reproached Colau for, as mayor, appealing to the opposition groups for responsibility to approve the Budgets and that now she does not support the accounts: "What has changed "It changes that she is now a councilor and before that mayor."

He has told her that he does not consider that it is her fault that they are not approved, but that it is his responsibility, and he has also appealed to Junts to tell them that his CV generates "distrust" in them, but that he hopes to reach concrete agreements with them for Barcelona. , in addition to thanking ERC for its support.


Colau has maintained the position of recent days, in which the Comuns have reiterated that they were not going to give a blank check to Collboni, and recalled that they have already made "many votes of confidence" in the investiture and in the processing of accounts.

He reminded Collboni that he has had the opportunity to explore two majorities: the one he reached with Trias (21 councilors) and the one he reached with BComú and ERC (24 councilors) and he regretted that "they did not want to explore these majorities."

Even so, he has told the mayor that "if he changes his mind" (about agreeing a government agreement) they will be available and with an outstretched hand, despite the fact that Valls has asked him to reconsider his position on the accounts, without referring to a government pact.


The councilor of Junts Ramon Tremosa has indicated that, after the vote against the Comuns on the Budget of the Generalitat, they perceive the mayor as disoriented, and that "today he is more alone than 10 months ago", when he obtained the vote of the Comuns and the PP in the investiture.

For her part, the leader of ERC in the City Council, Elisenda Alamany, has celebrated the Budget agreement reached with the Collboni government and has pointed out in reference to the Comuns: "It is absurd to ask for progressive governments and knock down all the budgets progressives that you have at your disposal.

The leader of the PP, Daniel Sirera, has reproached Colau for demanding to enter the municipal government with the condition of approving the accounts "without changing a single comma", and has criticized that Collboni has not negotiated with all the groups, for which he has Crossed out the Budgets as dark and opaque.

Meanwhile, the leader of Vox, Gonzalo de Oro, has recalled that his group's city model is opposite to what the socialists' accounts propose, which sees "a cut and paste to Colau's budgets", and considers that They serve to continue destroying Barcelona, ​​he said.