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STATEMENT: Psiko: a platform specialized in online psychology

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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STATEMENT: Psiko: a platform specialized in online psychology

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Psiko is an online psychologist platform that offers specialized help to all those people who want or need a change in their life. It was born with the aim of making quality online psychological advice available to anyone who needs it, making use of the facilities that new technologies provide.

Córdoba, April 24, 2024.- Committed to the physical, mental and social well-being of patients, they have highly qualified professionals who put all their effort into reducing the number of people with psychological disorders in the country. Receiving specialized help when it is needed is the best decision and investment you can make. Taking the step is sometimes complicated, but once taken, the Psiko team will be in charge of providing all the facilities needed to make the process as comfortable and constructive as possible. Through a video call they discuss a wide variety of issues. problems and difficulties that affect adults, adolescents and children such as overcoming depression, treating eating disorders such as obesity, combating low self-esteem, improving sleep quality, dealing with addictions, learning to manage addiction problems. couples, treating fears or phobias, managing anxiety attacks or learning to cope with the death of a loved one are some of the problems that the therapists of this platform of online psychologists face daily."At Psiko we choose to carry out therapeutic interventions using an eclectic orientation, based on the choice of the best therapeutic tools and strategies of each psychological school". This is because, before the patient receives therapeutic guidance, a prior study is carried out in order to know what is the cause of their problem and thus apply the appropriate therapy. The methodology used is divided into 3 phases. First, an initial psychological evaluation is performed through a test that the patient can complete in just a few minutes. Based on the result obtained in the test, the platform will show where the user is with respect to their general psychological state, anxiety and depression indices, thus allowing the therapist to understand the reason for the consultation and treat it in an individualized way. Secondly, and once the therapist has assessed the patient's personal situation taking into account variables such as: emotional ties, personality traits and/or the closest environment, what are their strengths and weaknesses. From there, taking into account the needs of each case, a mixed methodology will be used with the aim of carrying out a harmonious, coherent, honest and effective psychological intervention. Thanks to the brief therapy tools they use, focused on to solve the problem, the process is not tedious, hard or excessively prolonged. Each therapeutic process involves each user gaining their own autonomy and independence, which is why these therapies must be done this way. In summary, Psiko is the appropriate platform for online psychological therapy. Thanks to its updated resources and its highly qualified specialists, improving the quality of life and becoming a stronger and more confident person is much simpler and has the advantage that it can be done whenever you want and from wherever you want, thank you to the new existing advances. An online psychological counseling service, taking advantage of the advantages that these new forms of communication provide, but maintaining the quality and warmth that classic and conventional therapies provide.

Contact Contact name: Germán Ontoria Molina Contact description: Psico Psicologia Online, SL Contact phone: 600249359