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Renfe launches a challenge to apply quantum technology to "revolutionize and transform" the sector

MADRID, 17 Mar.

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Renfe launches a challenge to apply quantum technology to "revolutionize and transform" the sector


Renfe has launched a challenge that consists of requiring innovative solutions that take advantage of technologies based on computational quantum to "revolutionize and transform" the mobility sector; a challenge proposed at the 'Open Innovation Challenge' meetings.

Specifically, the objective of this initiative is to connect companies and public entities that seek innovative solutions with others that offer technology, taking advantage of the large international congresses held in Catalonia, such as the MWC, the ISE, Alimentaria, the Smart City Expo World Congres, among others, according to the company in a statement.

Furthermore, this was the first time that Renfe participated in the 'Open Innovation Challenges' promoted by the Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ) within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2024.

The challenge proposed by Renfe is articulated in other more specific ones, such as navigation and location, traffic optimization, high-precision signaling systems or cybersecurity.

Regarding navigation and location, as detailed by Renfe, quantum sensors can provide precision in navigation and location, allowing autonomous vehicles to operate more safely and efficiently.

Traffic optimization, for its part, because quantum algorithms can optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve transportation efficiency, and high-precision signaling systems, because quantum sensors can provide improved accuracy for systems. railway signaling, allowing trains to operate more safely and efficiently.

And finally, improved cybersecurity would strengthen the protection of sensitive data in railway communications and prevent cyberattacks.