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More than 250 ultra-rich ask politicians to raise taxes to combat inequality

MADRID, 18 Ene.

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More than 250 ultra-rich ask politicians to raise taxes to combat inequality


More than 250 billionaires and millionaires have signed an open letter titled 'Proud to Pay More' in which they urge political leaders who are meeting this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos to tax more those popularly known as the 'ultra-rich'. ' to combat inequality.

"Our request is simple: we ask you to make us, the richest in society, pay more taxes. [...] If the elected representatives of the world's main economies do not take measures to confront the dramatic increase in economic inequality, the consequences will continue to be catastrophic for society," figures such as Abigail Disney, heir to the animation company, and Valerie Rockefeller have defended in the letter.

In the explanatory statement, the signatories have reasoned that increasing their contribution to the public coffers "will not greatly alter" their quality of life, nor harm their children, nor reduce the economic growth of their nations.

According to them, the effect produced will be the opposite, since "excessive and unproductive" wealth in the form of investments will be put at the service of a "common democratic future."

In this sense, the letter has assured that the richest are those who currently benefit the most from the 'status quo', and have called on politicians to act given that inequality has reached a "tipping point" that threatens, even, the economic, social and ecological stability.

"We all know that the promises of trickle-down economics have not been translated into reality. On the contrary, it has given us stagnant wages, crumbling infrastructure, poor public services and destabilized the very institution of economics." democracy," they have summarized.