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Javier Tebas: "The CSD Commission does not have legal protection"

The president of LaLiga assesses the "incoherent" situation with the RFEF.

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Javier Tebas: "The CSD Commission does not have legal protection"

The president of LaLiga assesses the "incoherent" situation with the RFEF

"I'm not surprised that FIFA and UEFA are worried, I am too"


The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, showed his "concern" and understood that of FIFA and UEFA regarding the situation of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), after this Thursday the Higher Sports Council (CSD) created a Commission to protect the Federation, "without legal protection" according to the president of the employers' association.

"There has been so much movement... If you tell me the TAD, the CSD, today's note... I am not going to go to today's note because I am still trying to interpret it. Kafkaesque, I would say. First, because the note speaks of an organizing commission that has no legal protection in Spain, it cannot be done, I don't know on what legal basis they are going to do it," Tebas said at an event in Gijón.

"Two, the note itself speaks of a warning to the Management Commission that cannot take action, when tomorrow a president of the Federation who will be the Board of Directors is going to be appointed. But at the same time it is said that the Tuesday they are going to examine the situation of that president," he added in statements reported by Europa Press.

The president of the employers' association pointed out that, as he has been warning, the renewal that the RFEF intended after Luis Rubiales is being carried out along a "line of incoherence." "Everything is a contradiction and everything is in line with the incoherence that we have had lately with the Federation in the case of Pedro Rocha," he said.

"I am in court and I also see an inconsistency in how they have investigated Pedro Rocha, I have already explained it, I am a lawyer and I know what I am talking about. It is not normal for a witness, former President Rubiales, to be summoned within 72 hours. be summoned for later, no one requested Pedro Rocha's summons and I have requested 20 different witnesses, none of them have been provided," he added.

"You are not doing any favors to the Federation. If we were already bad, if it was already a disaster with Rubiales, before, during and after the famous kiss, I think that nothing is being done well to solve the issue of Federation. A lot of personalisms and a lot of what they will say. And this is not going to solve the issue," he insisted.

On the other hand, Tebas referred to the statement from FIFA and UEFA this Thursday, where both organizations pointed out that they will study "undue interference" by the Spanish Government. "FIFA and UEFA this time are right in what they are saying because I believe that a threatening commission that has no legal protection, the sports law does not have any legal protection, that commission, it seems that it wants to impose itself, it wants to put, when the Federation has elected a president with 107 endorsements," he stated.

"And it seems that it is just tripping him up, a super quick investigation, a note today that I insist is Kafkaesque, the note has no other name, without a press conference. I am not surprised that FIFA and UEFA are worried. And I am also worried, because they must stop working. The Federation is in a very complicated situation. A very difficult time is coming," he added.

Tebas regretted that they are "all trips" in an RFEF that does not raise its head. "I call it the House of Horrors. You try to spend a period of improving with those who are there, which can be done with those who are there, and it's all nonsense, everything is problems, everything is cosmetic, because it seems that what matters more what the media say or what some people say than what really needs to be done. I understand that FIFA and UEFA are worried," he concluded.