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Hereu announces the transformation of Sepides to be "the great industrial policy agency in Spain"

Reiterates "the will to reach a great pact for the industry".

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Hereu announces the transformation of Sepides to be "the great industrial policy agency in Spain"

Reiterates "the will to reach a great pact for the industry"


The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, has announced the transformation of Sepides into a State Business Entity to become "the great agency of industrial policy in Spain" and manage the new calls for Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation ( Perte) of the addendum in this year.

In his appearance before the Senate Industry and Tourism Commission, Hereu stated that the Ministry has reached the conclusion that Sepides, which currently manages the Support Fund for Productive Industrial Investment (Faiip), "is the one that is in better conditions to assume these functions", so, after obtaining the approval of the European Commission, it will be converted.

"Thus, we will also maintain a better distribution of functions among the companies dependent on the Ministry in the area of ​​Industry, so that Enisa will continue to develop its activity in another fundamental area such as SMEs and the promotion of entrepreneurship," he added. about.

On the other hand, the minister reiterated "the will to reach a great pact for the industry" throughout this Legislature. "A great economic and social pact to provide us with a more productive, sustainable and competitive industry, with more employment. I am convinced that this great agreement is the best way to achieve this priority objective for the future of Spain," he said.

And Hereu defended that "only by working together, all administrations, political forces, economic and social agents, and sectoral organizations, can we promote the development and modernization of the industrial sector and, with this, move towards a future." more sustainable and with more well-being and equality".

Regarding the future Industry Law, he stated that the objective is to bring its approval to the Council of Ministers and then begin its parliamentary processing.

In this sense, he was open to "analyzing all the possible improvements that may be introduced during its processing in the Cortes, with the aim that it can be approved with the highest possible consensus and be the starting point of this great pact for the industry." ".

Thus, he recalled that of the almost 4.5 billion euros in subsidies from the first part of the Recovery Plan in industry and tourism, more than half, 56%, were transferred to autonomous communities and local entities.

On the other hand, Hereu addressed in his appearance the progress in the different Perte that are part of his portfolio. Regarding the decarbonization Perte, whose first call closes on April 17, he pointed out that more than 116 projects have already been presented.

He pointed out that this first call will be followed by a second call for line 1 throughout the second half of the year and that, in addition, work is also being done on the call corresponding to line 4, for new highly efficient and decarbonized manufacturing facilities. with an endowment of 150 million euros in subsidies and 100 million in loans.

Likewise, the Perte for microchips and semiconductors stated that there will also be a new call throughout the year, with an additional 200 million euros in subsidies, corresponding to the Addendum, in a call that will be open.

Regarding the Perte Naval, he pointed out that 81 million euros have already been granted to 4 tractor projects where 131 entities based in various communities participate, such as the Basque Country, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria or the Community of Madrid.