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COMMUNICATION: Guide to understand the electricity bill and save

(Information sent by the signatory company).

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COMMUNICATION: Guide to understand the electricity bill and save

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Haverland, a leader in electric air conditioning in Spain, offers a guide so that consumers can understand the meaning of the main concepts of the electricity bill and manage expenses more effectively. Changes in energy policies and tax measures in Spain require consumers to have a good understanding of their electricity bill. For this reason, Haverland has developed clear information on how to understand and optimize energy expenditure.

Madrid, April 23, 2024.-

Key concepts in the electricity bill•  Contracted power: the amount of energy reserved for a home, measured in kilowatts (kW). It is crucial to choose this power appropriately to avoid unnecessary expenses on the bill.•  Energy consumed: amount of energy used during the billed period, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). Understanding consumption allows us to identify patterns and habits to optimize it and, thus, improve energy savings.•  Power and energy terms: represent the prices associated with the contracted power and energy consumption respectively. Understanding them helps you be clear about exactly what you are paying for and how expenses can be better managed.Taxes and Additional Fees  You need to go beyond the basics to explore the additional taxes and fees that influence the total amount. These are the most common:•  VAT on electricity: As of March 1, 2024, VAT has returned to its usual tax rate of 21%. This measure is implemented because, during the month of February, the market price fell below €45/MWh.•  Special tax on electricity: Also known as electricity tax, it is a tax of 5.113% on the total amount of the term of consumption and power. •  Tax on electricity production: Its objective is to contribute to sustainability and mitigate the environmental impact of electricity production. Since its establishment, it has experienced changes, such as the temporary suspension decided by the Government in June 2021. 10 tips to save on your electricity bill There are many strategies that consumers can implement to optimize their electricity consumption:1. Switch to energy-efficient lamps, such as LED.2. Compare electricity rates and select the most appropriate supplier based on consumption patterns.3. Purchase energy efficient appliances.4. Regulate the use of electric heating, adjusting the temperature.5. Schedule the air conditioning in advance, instead of suddenly turning it on when you get home.6. Do not leave lights on when a room is not occupied.7. Avoid leaving electronic devices in standby mode.8. Opt for cold wash programs in washing machines or dishwashers.9. Take advantage of natural light during the day, minimizing the use of artificial lights.10. Carry out regular maintenance on appliances to ensure their efficiency and avoid excessive consumption. Haverland: leader in energy savings Haverland thermal emitters are designed to maintain an optimal indoor environment, offering comfort and well-being throughout the year while contributing significantly to energy savings . The company also offers a wide range of accessories providing a complete solution for home climate management. It is a holder of the Electro trust seal, awarded by APPLIA, and complies with the standards of the EU Ecodesign directive, demonstrating the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. To explore its complete catalog, you can visit https://

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