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Ayuso's partner collected two million euros in commissions for mask contracts during the pandemic, according to

MADRID, 12 Mar.

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Ayuso's partner collected two million euros in commissions for mask contracts during the pandemic, according to


Alberto G. A., partner of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, would have received two million euros in commissions for mediating the purchase and sale of medical supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to ''.

The aforementioned media explains that the modus operandi that Ayuso's partner allegedly used to not pay the taxes on these operations led to a complaint by the Madrid Prosecutor's Office, which became known this Tuesday, following a report from the Agency Tax.

The prosecutor accuses Ayuso's partner, and four other people, of two crimes of tax fraud related to the Corporate Tax for the years 2020 and 2021 of the entity Maxwell Cremona Ingenieria y Procesos Sociedad para el Fomento del Medioambiente S.L. and an alleged crime of falsification of a commercial document.

The Tax Agency maintains that for the tax periods included in the year 2020 and 2021, not truthful, "the amount of 155,000 euros for the Corporate Tax for the year 2020 and 195,951.41 euros for the Corporate Tax for the year 2021 in the Public Treasury".

According to the aforementioned media, everything is written in the accounting that the firm Maxwell Cremona SL, wholly owned by Alberto G., sent to the Tax Agency, which concluded in the complaint: of the 2.33 million euros that it invoiced in 2020, the main company of the Ayuso couple, almost 85%, 1,973,000 euros, came, as the businessman explained to the Treasury, from a single operation: a contract to "intermediate" for the Spanish company FCS in the purchase and sale of health products, such as gloves and masks for protection against coronavirus.

It should be noted that the PP reported to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office the emergency contracts awarded by the Central Executive during the pandemic, presenting "evidence" of the alleged irregularities and, among the companies under investigation, was 'FCS Select Products SL'. According to the PP, this award was due to the friendly relationship between the company's administrators and the former Minister of Health, Salvador Illa.

Furthermore, the PP added to this that its social activity - product manufacturing services of marketing items for the alcoholic beverages sector - also had no direct relationship with the object of the contract, which also resulted in a lack of verification of its solvency and that in 2018 its turnover was less than one million euros, while in 2020 it reached 236.1 million euros due to direct public awards.

The Treasury Inspection describes the firm of the Díaz Ayuso couple as "a mere intermediary that will limit itself to putting in contact the two parties that are going to formalize the sale of the products" and highlights that "in no case will it appear as a buyer neither as a seller nor as part of the agreement," the aforementioned media reports.

Thus, FCS Select Products supposedly paid the Madrid president's partner's company 1,973,000 euros in two commissions for selling healthcare supplies to the Galician firm Mape Asesores for 42 million euros.

Mape, the buyer of the material, is another company that also supplied gloves and masks to different public administrations. Among its clients would be the Community of Madrid itself, which has awarded it dozens of small contracts in recent years, explains ''.

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