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LIFE SPOT manages to develop new green treatments that eliminate groundwater contamination


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LIFE SPOT manages to develop new green treatments that eliminate groundwater contamination


LIFE SPOT has managed to develop new green treatments that eliminate groundwater contamination. This project was born in 2019, whose main objective is the denitrification of groundwater through nature-based solutions.

After years of hard work, the project has reached its final stretch with "very good results", since it has managed to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic viability of a new sustainable treatment of groundwater for consumption as drinking water through the combination of low cost technologies.

Specifically, the solution proposed by LIFE SPOT is based on a natural process, through a treatment with microalgae and a denitrifying biofilter made up of wood and cork pellets capable of eliminating both nitrates and possible micropollutants present in the water, as reported by FACSA. in his statement.

For its development, a consortium was established made up of five partners: IRTA, project coordinator, FACSA, CSIC, EURECAT and Protecmed. Representatives of all these institutions met today at the Nules pilot plant to evaluate the results of the project and present them to Federico de Filippi, Project Officer of CINEA, the European Commission Agency responsible for the LIFE program; and Josefa Diamantopoulos, monitor of the Elmen EEIG LIFE Team and responsible for monitoring the program of the European projects of which LIFE SPOT is a part.

All of them have agreed to highlight that this treatment will provide water resources in areas vulnerable to nitrates, in isolated rural areas, in the livestock and tourism sectors, addressing an environmental problem through the approach of adaptation to climate change. This project has proven its effectiveness, thanks to the support of the Nules City Council, through a denitrification pilot plant that FACSA implemented in the reverse osmosis treatment facilities of the Municipal Drinking Water Supply Service of the council.

LIFE SPOT has been co-financed by the LIFE program of the European Commission, LIFE 2018, in the thematic area 'LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency project application' and has had a total budget of 2,179,363 euros, of which the LIFE program has financed 1,195,896 euros.