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The PP defends its "legitimate majority" in the Senate and confirms its vote against the deficit objectives

MADRID, 7 Feb.

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The PP defends its "legitimate majority" in the Senate and confirms its vote against the deficit objectives


The senator of the Popular Party, Gerardo Camps, has confirmed in the Senate rostrum the vote against his formation to the objectives of budgetary stability of all public administrations, so they will decline this Wednesday due to the majority held by the party in the Upper House.

"The Spaniards do not want more increases in taxes, social contributions, debt and superfluous expenses. For all this, with all the democratic legitimacy, in defense of the general interest, of the Spaniards and the economic growth of our country, we are going to vote no to these stability objectives," the senator advanced.

The Popular Party conditioned its vote in the Upper House to a series of demands, which include lowering taxes, sharing fiscal objectives with the autonomous communities, respecting their fiscal autonomy and promoting a fund of social policies for these administrations.

But the Executive has not responded to these claims and they are already voting against the PP, blaming it for the fact that, due to its rejection, "more harmful" deficit objectives will come into force for communities and city councils, many of them governed for his training.

Given this, and after the accusation by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, about the "partisan" use of the Senate by the PP, the popular senator has urged him to "get used" to the fact that the majority of the Popular Party in the Upper House "is legitimately democratic, like any other majority in another House."

He has thus assured that today's debate taking place in the Senate is good for parliamentarism, for the democratic hygiene of the country, for democracy and for the defense of the general interest of the Spanish people. "The result must be accepted willingly, not with threats and pressure," she stressed.

From the PP, they have defended their vote against because who "rules" in this legislature "are Mr. Otegi, Mr. Ortuzar and, most especially, Mr. Puigdemont, a fugitive from Spanish justice and resident in Waterloo, who from there decides what can be done here."

"This shows the extreme weakness of this Government, a Government without initiative, disoriented, on the defensive and afraid, that each parliamentary vote is a true agony, but that has proven to be willing to do anything in order to continue governing," he criticized. the popular senator.

The PP has assumed that, regardless of what is decided today in the Senate, there will be General State Budgets for the 2024 financial year "if Mr. Puigdemont wants."

On the economic level, Camps has assured that most analysts and organizations do not believe the Executive's forecasts and estimate that Spain will fail to comply with European fiscal rules. "So are we and there is nothing apocalyptic about that, but rather they are reasons to vote against these stability objectives," she defended.