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The King calls to make the victims of terrorism visible, "an ethical reference", to prevent radicalization

MADRID, 11 Mar.

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The King calls to make the victims of terrorism visible, "an ethical reference", to prevent radicalization


King Felipe VI has defended the need to make the victims of terrorism visible, "an ethical reference", study this phenomenon in the classrooms and convey the testimonies of those who have suffered this scourge as "the best pedagogy" against radicalization in the 20 anniversary of the 11-M attacks.

During the closing of the event organized by the European Commission on the occasion of the European Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Terrorism, Don Felipe stressed that to prevent terrorism, "ambitious policies are needed that prevent the radicalization of our societies."

In this sense, he has claimed that "promoting the study of the history of terrorism in classrooms and transferring the testimonies of the victims to the public space is the best pedagogy against said radicalization." His testimonies "try to raise awareness" and make the youngest people see "the necessary message that violence is never, ever the solution."

Felipe VI has stressed that giving "visibility" to the victims of terrorism "is a task for everyone, for the institutions, for academics, for the educational community" and ultimately "for each citizen who is interested in each story, each life, for every life lesson".

Likewise, he stressed that the victims of terrorism constitute "an ethical reference" in democracies, "they symbolize the permanent need and commitment to defend freedom and the rule of law." The victims, the monarch stressed, "remind us of the collective demands of this fight, as well as the vileness and unscrupulous hatred that we face."

"With their integrity and dignity, they are the ones who best represent both the greatness of democracy, its strength, and the determination to advance peaceful coexistence," said Felipe VI, who has asked that in all countries they be guaranteed "the exercise effective of their rights" and making "as effective as possible that generous solidarity among Europeans that each strike of terror has generated".

Don Felipe has highlighted the "essential work in defense of the rights of victims" carried out by associations and foundations of victims of terrorism and that are building "a solid and necessary legacy for future generations."

He also referred to the "magnificent work" of the Memorial Center for Victims of Terrorism in Vitoria after "six decades of suffering due to this scourge, especially that of ETA." This center, along with others such as the one in Oslo and the one being launched in Paris "carry out an indispensable activity in safeguarding the memory of the victims."

"Memory, along with justice and truth, is a commitment that just societies make with the victims of terrorism to restore and protect their dignity," the King stressed.