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The Constitutional Court defends Espejel's "impeccable" work against Junts' accusations against the judge

MADRID, 14 Dic.

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The Constitutional Court defends Espejel's "impeccable" work against Junts' accusations against the judge


The Constitutional Court (TC) has unanimously agreed to express its "concern" about the words of the Junts spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies, Miriam Nogueras, against the magistrate of the court of guarantees Concepción Espejel, while defending her "impeccable" work.

The eleven magistrates - both progressive and conservative - wanted to record, in the minutes of the gubernatorial plenary session held this Thursday, their "concern about the questioning that has occurred publicly, in the parliamentary sphere."

They have also expressed their "support and solidarity" with Espejel, of which they have highlighted that "it has always carried out its jurisdictional function impeccably, with integrity and impartiality", as reported by the TC itself.

This statement comes after Nogueras, during Tuesday's parliamentary session, called Espejel and the judges of the Supreme Court (TS) Manuel Marchena, Carlos Lesmes and Pablo Llarena "indecent", saying that they should of course be dismissed and tried. lawfare'.

The next day, the interim president of the TS, Francisco Marín Castán, condemned Nogueras' "personal attacks" on the members of the high court, warning that such words do not meet the "minimum requirements" of the separation of powers.

Marín Castán even suspended the meeting scheduled for that same Wednesday with the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Cortes, Félix Bolaños, which was finally rescheduled for next Tuesday after he ratified to the magistrate his words in parliamentary headquarters in defense of the judges.

From the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), its interim president Vicente Guilarte, also reacted by describing Nogueras's "personal attack" on several magistrates as "inadmissible", while confirming that he will adopt the necessary measures to protect them.

All judicial associations - APM, AJFV, FJI and JJpD - and those of AF and APIF prosecutors - with the exception of the progressive UPF - also rejected Nogueras' statements, considering that "the public naming of judges" is "unaffordable in democracy."