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The AN proposes to try six people for a crime of humiliation of victims for organizing 120 'ongi etorris'

MADRID, 3 Abr.

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The AN proposes to try six people for a crime of humiliation of victims for organizing 120 'ongi etorris'


The judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has proposed to try six people as perpetrators of a continued crime of humiliation of the victims of terrorism and glorification of those who have participated in terrorist acts for the organization of 120 acts of tribute to ETA prisoners between 2016 and 2020, those known as 'ongi etorri'.

In the order to move to an abbreviated procedure, agreed upon at the request of the Prosecutor's Office, the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 proposes to try the members of the Sortu Prisoners Commission Jose Antonio López Ruiz, alias 'Kubati', and Oihana Garmendia Marín, along with the investigated Haymar Altuna, Oihana San Vicente Saez de Cerain, Carlos Saez de Egilaz Murgiondo and Felipe San Epifanio San Pedro.

The resolution, collected by Europa Press, explains that, in their capacity as members of the Sortu Prisoners Commission, 'Kubati' and Garmendia Marín, along with the rest of those investigated, "have developed an activity aimed at organizing in a systematic and systematized manner acts of tribute to the prisoners, sometimes using the KALERA KALERA dynamic and on other occasions other social movements or associations, depending on the needs of the specific moment".

This development of the organization of the 'ongi etorris' and other acts of tribute to the prisoners of the terrorist group was carried out, the order states, through strict regulations both with regard to which prisoners tribute was paid and with regard to how the tribute should be developed. Thus, with respect to the first, he explains, only those prisoners who had remained within the discipline of the group of prisoners during their captivity were entitled to tribute.

Throughout the order, in which the accusations are given a period of ten days to present their indictment documents, the magistrate records the 120 specific acts of homage to members of the terrorist organization ETA.

It is worth remembering that last March the Criminal Chamber of the National Court agreed to conclude the investigation opened by the 'ongi etorri', thus correcting the decision of the investigating judge to extend the investigation to expand the investigation to chats allegedly administered by Sortu in which guidelines and instructions would be given on issues related to prisoners and escapees.

The Criminal Chamber thus upheld the appeal presented by the prosecutor in the case Carlos Berro, who in his writing indicated that he found no crime in those chats and that they were also unrelated to the investigation.

In the order, to which Europa Press had access, the Third Section also annulled the diligence consisting of sending an order to Telegram to report the ownership of three channels, one of them managed by Sortu and another by the SARE Citizen Network.