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Tezanos points to a leadership crisis in the PP after the CIS data: "Feijóo is in total decline"

MADRID, 17 Ene.

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Tezanos points to a leadership crisis in the PP after the CIS data: "Feijóo is in total decline"


The president of the Sociological Research Center (CIS), José Félix Tezanos, has warned of a leadership crisis in the PP following the new data released by the opinion barometer corresponding to the month of January. "There is a spectacular fall for Feijóo," he stressed.

Specifically, Tezanos has highlighted that, after the CIS asked the Spaniards about their preferences for a leader to preside over the Government, there is "a spectacular fall" of the leader of the Popular Party, who at one point "came to be equal with Sánchez."

In statements to RNE collected by Europa Press, the president of the CIS recalled that the data reflects that "only 16.5% of the population supports Feijóo", which represents 25.4% of the total number of people surveyed. However, he has also pointed out that, faced with the reduction in the popularity of the opposition leader, the PP "has remained strong with 32% in estimated vote because it also receives transfers from Vox."

Tezanos has stressed that the population prefers Pedro Sánchez as President of the Government and that the PSOE has risen to 34% in vote estimates, two points above the PP, which represents a new record.

For the president of the CIS, "a possible explanation for the PP's leadership crisis" is that 6% of those surveyed support Isabel Díaz Ayuso as president of the Government. "I think the meaning of these data is that the PP is an important party, which has great potential, but has a leader who is in total decline," he stated.

Regarding the amnesty, Tezanos has emphasized that it is an issue that "does not worry citizens too much", which is why, as he stated, "it leads one to think that one thing is noise and other things are nuts."

On the other hand, he assured that "concern "for the health of Spain among the population has increased", highlighting that, for him, "the specific concerns of citizens are those of their daily lives."

He has also warned that the negative situation suffered by young people "has to do with salary and housing" because "a bad policy of low salaries has been implemented with those who have a bad time living, which is why they do not emancipate themselves from their homes," he warned.

For Tezanos, higher salaries would help "have more economic activity", so people would "buy more, do more things and the economy would move."