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Student camps will continue in the face of CRUE's "empty promises" and demand a "total break" with Israel

MADRID, 9 May.

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Student camps will continue in the face of CRUE's "empty promises" and demand a "total break" with Israel


The spokespersons for the Interuniversity Bloc of Madrid have announced that the student camps on university campuses will continue in the face of the "empty promises and words" of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and have demanded the "total rupture" of all types of relationships and agreements with universities and companies in Israel.

"We do not want the rectors to 'review' their contracts," said one of the representatives of the Interuniversity Block of Madrid, Víctor Lucio, this Thursday at a press conference at the doors of the UCM Student House in Ciudad Universitaria. In addition, he has conveyed the students' demands to "completely" sever relations not only with universities, but also with companies in Israel. "These companies finance the genocide against the Palestinian people," the spokesperson stressed.

For her part, Beatriz Payo, the spokesperson for the bloc representing the Carlos III University of Madrid, has described the words of the rectors as "hypocritical" because, in her opinion, the CRUE talks about peace but does not break in a "forceful" way. all academic and economic relations.

Likewise, he has demanded that the Government denounce "without reservations" the "genocide of the Palestinian people" because, according to Payo, the Executive has until now shown a position of "complicity."

The spokesperson for the Interuniversity Bloc of Madrid, representative of the Complutense University of Madrid, Inés Casado, has taken advantage of her words to ensure that the students are "determined" to continue with the camps and has called on more colleagues to join the camps. protests. For Casado, the CRUE statement does not "discourage" the students' intention to remain camped because "this morning we saw how hundreds of Palestinians continued to die in Rafah at the hands of Israel," she stated.

This reaction from the Interuniversity Block of Madrid, which organizes and coordinates the student camps at the University City of Madrid, comes after this Tuesday CRUE has committed to reviewing and, where appropriate, suspending collaboration agreements with universities and centers Israeli research institutes. In the statement, the rectors also committed to intensifying cooperation with the Palestinian scientific and higher education system.