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Feijóo warns Sánchez: If he "breaks" the negotiation on the CGPJ with his "theatre" he will have to explain it in Brussels

MADRID, 2 May.

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Feijóo warns Sánchez: If he "breaks" the negotiation on the CGPJ with his "theatre" he will have to explain it in Brussels


The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, warned this Thursday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that if he uses the "little theater" on regeneration that, in his opinion, he has launched as a result of his reflection of the week last, to "break" the negotiation that is open with the 'popular' to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) will have to give explanations to the European Commission.

Feijóo issued this warning in an interview given to the newspaper ABC, collected by Europa Press, in which he also blames the head of the Executive for having "used" his wife, Begoña Gómez. "He is the mud," he says.

The head of the PP recalls that his party has been "several months talking and looking for solutions" with the Government for the renewal of the CGPJ and with the mediation of the Justice Commissioners of the European Union, first Didier Reynders and then Vera Jourová.

"They are witnesses of the progress, of the issues on which there may already be some principle of agreement and of those that remain to be agreed upon. Therefore, if this little theater also wants to use it to break the negotiations and the progress that we have before us the European Union, will have to explain it, not only to the Spanish, but also to the European Commission itself," warns Feijóo.

In this sense, the leader of the PP emphasizes that the two commissioners are "witnesses" that his party has "every interest in deepening the independence of the Judiciary."

On the other hand, Feijóo emphasizes that he has been the object of constant insults for "quite a long time" from not only Sánchez but also the entire "department of ministers" and denounces that the president "lives off confrontation, tension, polarization." for a long time.

But, in his opinion, after "losing" the general elections he has tried to "break the principle of equality" with the Amnesty Law and now "he is going for the freedom of the Spanish people", saying "be careful with what is written, be careful with the media and journalists, be careful with what is investigated and that the judges and courts be careful."

Asked if Begoña Gómez is "the main victim of Pedro Sánchez's letter", Feijóo assures that he would "never" subject his family "to the public ridicule" to which, in his opinion, Sánchez has subjected his family.

"Thanks to Mr. Sánchez's letter, his partner appears on all the covers of the European press," added Feijóo, before emphasizing that the 'popular' have "nothing" against Gómez.

"What concerns us is what Mr. Sánchez has allowed in the economic, commercial or business practices of his partner. We have every right and duty to know whether in the allocation of public funds, in the rescues of companies or in the of contracts, some interest on the part of Mr. Sánchez's partner could have had something to do with it".

"But that," he points out, "does not mean having a problem with your partner, no. What it means is controlling exactly what Mr. Sánchez has done."

Finally, regarding the European elections, Feijóo commented that citizens will have to choose between "maintaining the principles of equality before the law, public freedoms, that judges and courts continue to have independence in their actions and that journalists and media maintain freedom of expression" or "the denial of all those rights, which is what Sánchez represents."