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Feijóo opens the door to summon Sánchez in the Senate but does not consider calling his wife: "It's not my style"

He censures the "campaign of harassment and demolition" of PSOE and Sumar against Ayuso when there is "not a single hint of irregularity" in their actions.

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Feijóo opens the door to summon Sánchez in the Senate but does not consider calling his wife: "It's not my style"

He censures the "campaign of harassment and demolition" of PSOE and Sumar against Ayuso when there is "not a single hint of irregularity" in their actions

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has opened the door this Wednesday to summon Pedro Sánchez to the Senate investigation commission for the so-called 'Koldo case' and the professional activities of his wife, Begoña Gómez, if he does not offer as soon as possible a "decent" explanation. However, he has admitted that at this moment he is not considering calling his wife because it is not "his style" or his way of "doing politics", since, in his opinion, it is the President of the Government who must give these clarifications. because it may be incurring a conflict of interest.

"If he does not respond, obviously we will make him respond," Feijóo warned in an interview on Antena 3, when expressly asked if he would call Sánchez to appear in the Senate investigation commission promoted by the Popular Group on the alleged plot of bites in the purchase of masks during the pandemic, dubbed the 'Koldo case'.

For now, the president of the PP has insisted that Sánchez be the one to offer clarifications publicly, at a press conference, but has issued the following warning in case he does not do so: "If it has to be in the investigation commission, Well, it will have to be in the investigation commission."

After ensuring that until now they did not know that Sánchez's wife had made "favorable letters" to companies, something that "has never happened in democracy", the PP leader has indicated that what his party wants is for it to be explained to them " what has happened" because it is their "obligation". "If we look the other way, we will probably have something to hide," he said.

"I am concerned, first, that we clarify these matters, and second, that the President of the Government says whether or not he is in an alleged conflict of interest, and whether or not the Senior Officials law has been breached," he added, to complain that the Executive and the PSOE are dedicated to "insulting" and "defaming" their party, also creating "a fan."

The head of the opposition has indicated that what his party is asking at this moment is for Sánchez to explain at a press conference or in Congress why "half of his Government, half of his party and those around him are all this happening." ". "And he does not give any explanation, except to insult or mess with a president of an Autonomous Community or slander the head of the opposition," he said, referring to Isabel Díaz Ayuso and himself.


As for whether the PP is considering also summoning Begoña Gómez to the parliamentary seat, Feijóo has admitted that he is not considering it. "I don't like calling the president's wife, I don't hide it from her, I don't like it. It's not my way of doing politics, it's not my style," he said verbatim.

At this point, he has put the focus back on Sánchez. "It is evident that the President of the Government has to give explanations to the Spanish people and if he does not, we will adopt the decision that we consider most appropriate in defense of democratic rights and in defense of the right of citizens to know what has happened since the economic, commercial, influences, interests point of view. It is essential to clarify it," he added, to then emphasize that they need "at least a decent explanation."

Given the fact that Sánchez's wife has continued with a teaching activity that she already had in the past, before Sánchez entered Moncloa, Feijóo has responded: "You have to differentiate between a private life that you have before, or the life private that you get after".

Thus, he pointed out that "the media" are reflecting that "those who finance this person's new actions are companies that were subsequently rescued or awarded by the central government." "That deserves a detailed explanation and not a general insult to those who have the obligation to ask for explanations," she insisted.

In this sense, Feijóo has criticized that "in Moncloa meetings are held with people who represent a company that is later rescued by the Government" and, furthermore, that "the family" of the president has made favorable reports for companies that were contracts are awarded by the Executive. "This has never happened in democracy," he reiterated.


After ensuring that "the corrupt plot of the PSOE began before the masks, continued with the masks and continued after the masks", he warned that the summary of this plot "has only just begun" and that now we must wait for the " dump of the 23 mobile phones" that the Civil Guard seized from Koldo García, former advisor to former Minister of Transport José Luis Ábalos.

After the Conflict of Interest Office has filed the complaint against Sánchez in which the PP requested a possible disqualification of up to 10 years for the president for not recusing himself from the Council of Ministers that approved the rescue of Air Europa, Feijóo has specified that what his party requested in that complaint is "that the law be applied."

In this regard, he has also criticized that the Government has "dispatched this file" quickly, "sending it to the PSOE." "And the PSOE holds a press conference to say that the PP's complaint has been rejected. It is an absolutely surprising thing," he criticized.

The president of the PP has reiterated that we must wait to learn "more information" because "72 hours ago they did not know that the president's wife had made" those "favorable letters" for companies.

"If it happens to me, I would automatically call a press conference and give explanations," he said, recalling that the PP has requested the complete file in Congress to see whether Gómez "has influenced the award or not."


Given the fact that Sumar demands that the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, appear in the Congress commission on masks and the PSOE does not rule out calling her, Feijóo has indicated, in the case of alleged tax fraud that affects his partner, that In the case of Ayuso there is "not a single hint of irregularity" in his political actions.

"And since they have no hint, nor is there absolutely anything against it, these types of issues surprise me. What do they want to smear? What do they want to air? That's up to them," he exclaimed, referring to a survey by the Community of Madrid about electoral expectations given that "the campaign of harassment and demolition" against her "has been reinforced by her electorate".