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Feijóo asks the PP to avoid the "noise": "They have gone so far as to say that now I agree with the amnesties"

He says that the more PSOE and BNG go down in the polls "the more they will be harassed" and that they want "someone to doubt" the honesty of the PP.

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Feijóo asks the PP to avoid the "noise": "They have gone so far as to say that now I agree with the amnesties"

He says that the more PSOE and BNG go down in the polls "the more they will be harassed" and that they want "someone to doubt" the honesty of the PP

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, accused his political "rivals" this Monday of wanting to "muddy up" the Galician electoral campaign with "desperate attacks", and said that "they have come to say" that he is " now in accordance with the amnesties and pardons". For this reason, he has asked his people to avoid "noise" and "distractions" to focus on revalidating the Government of the Xunta de Galicia.

This is how Feijóo spoke at a rally in Marín (Pontevedra) after the controversy opened this weekend over the information published that the PP studied the amnesty for 24 hours before ruling it out and that it would be open to a conditional pardon for the former president. Catalan Carles Puigdemont, if he is judged, repents and renounces the unilateral route.

Six days before the polls in Galicia, Feijóo has stated that the "rivals" are "aware" that the PP must "do very well" and that is why they "want to muddy up" the electoral campaign. "If they want to throw us desperate attacks is because we are doing very well. And if they want to talk about the PP and not about Galicia, it is because we are doing very well," he proclaimed at an electoral event together with the mayor of Marín, María Ramallo.

After confusion has set in among many PP officials over the information that Feijóo studied the amnesty and would open himself to a conditional pardon for Puigdemont, Feijóo has called on his people to avoid internal "noise" and not "distract themselves" even though they continue to "insult" and "attack" them.

"So I ask you not for a second of distraction, not a second wasted to stop working for Galicia and not a second of noise. We aspire to a great majority on Sunday, yes, and we have to work as hard as possible to achieve it," he demanded. to his party.

What's more, he has said that "the lower all the multiparty allies go down" in the polls, the "more they will be harassed." "They have even said that now that I agree with amnesties and pardons. Do you know why? Because by saying all this they may get someone to doubt our honesty, our honorability and what we have done during all these years, which is to defend the rule of law and resign from any position to defend the rule of law in Spain," he proclaimed.

At this point, and before a dedicated audience that shouted 'president, president', the leader of the PP has accused the head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, of having spent five months "at the hammer trying to sneak in an illegal amnesty." "I am not Pedro Sánchez. I do not accept the amnesty nor will I accept it. I do not accept the pardons nor will I accept them," he stated.

Feijóo has stressed that the PP has been "telling people for five months to accompany them on the streets to continue fighting against an amnesty" and they will continue doing so, as well as going to the Spanish and European courts. "That is what we are going to do and that is, without a doubt, what bothers them," he said.


Feijóo has predicted that in this final stretch of the campaign the PP's rivals "are going to continue raising the tone", "the insidiousness" and "the infamy". "And that is why we are going to vote with more emphasis if possible. The more insults, the more votes. The more insidiousness, the more mobilization. The more desperation, the more victory, the victory of the Popular Party of Galicia," he exclaimed.

The leader of the PP has called to go to the polls on Sunday to vote to give Galicia "the best Government" with Alfonso Rueda, the "most stable", "with more experience", "with more management" and "with more sensitivity ". In his opinion, Galicia "is playing to have a united Government or have the most divided Government in history."

After ensuring that the only thing that unites Podemos, Sumar and the PSOE is that the PP lacks one seat to govern, he has rejected the BNG separatist project that he "envies" Bildu and ERC. "No envy for the fracture or separation" and "a lot of pride in the Galicia that Galicians feel and make," he added.


Feijóo, who this Monday traveled to Barbate (Cádiz) after the death of two civil guards hit by a drug boat, said that he shares with the civil guards with whom he met today in this municipality the request that the Minister of the Interior Fernando Grande-Marlaska will not sit in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

In this sense, he stressed that Marlaska "has to leave his position." "He has to resign, because Sánchez, who dedicated the night of mourning to going to a film festival, has no legitimacy to fire him," she asserted.

Regarding the mobilizations of farmers and ranchers these days, Feijóo has advised the Executive to go to "the meadows, the stables and the forests" because "that is the real environment." "Well, now it turns out that all of these are fascists. They are all rich. They all want to destroy the planet. Gentlemen of the Government, get out of the Moncloa garden," he emphasized.