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How to Set Up a Self-Hosted WireGuard VPN with Bitcoin?

Have you heard about VPN protocols before? VPN protocols can let you establish a connection between the server and your device

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How to Set Up a Self-Hosted WireGuard VPN with Bitcoin?

Have you heard about VPN protocols before? VPN protocols can let you establish a connection between the server and your device. A reliable VPN forms an essential component of any small to medium-sized business or individuals' security. It works as a safe tunnel between different devices connected through the internet to access one another. Previously VPNs were commonly used by organizations to get connected with their roaming employees or remote branches. While currently, VPNs have become essential for everyone.

Businesses having higher budgets have already gone farther, especially in new-age technologies. While ensuring a higher level of security online has become a problem for small businesses with a limited budget.

As per a report, about 43% of overall cyberattacks have targeted small businesses.

Therefore, it has become critical for everyone to ensure the security of their internet connections, networks, digital assets by using services like WireGuard VPN.

However, Self-hosted WireGuard has become a shinier protocol that is promising to be secure and faster simultaneously.

How to set up WireGuard VPN with bitcoin using RouterHosting?

When it comes to knowing how WireGuard can benefit you or how you can set it up, most people don't know how to get done with things in this regard.

So, here in this article, we will learn everything about setting up WireGuard that you must know. You can buy VPS with BTC to host WireGuard VPN.

New users can easily enjoy a free trial by visiting the sign-up page of RouterHosting. For this, you need to introduce yourself on our support page.

RouterHosting is highly dedicated to ensuring the online privacy of its users. Therefore, the organization has considered providing you one-click app to set up an offer for customers who want to buy VPS with BTC. So, our hosting is now including a one-click set up for WireGuard as well.

RouterHosting also provides you an amazing opportunity to buy VPS with BTC to set up WireGuard VPN without any hassle. With that making your WireGuard up and running would become a matter of minutes only. It is because you don't have to deal with the hectic and confusing manual process of setting up WireGuard VPN.

Reasons to set up your VPN”

You might be hearing a lot about data breaches, news about data losses, online tracking, and more. All of these kinds of news are making consumers more concerned about their privacy. Data has become an essential asset for businesses and organizations to survive and succeed. Most importantly, businesses are using that data freely as well.

 Organizations are using different ways to collect your information online across the web. In the era where the veil has been lifted steadily but consistently on your personal information via your online activities. It is highly imperative to take your online privacy back as quickly as possible.

When it comes to ensuring your online privacy, VPN seems the best tool to consider in this regard. However,

By setting up a self-hosted VPN, you can benefit in multiple ways:

For example, it can let you:

  • Make your IP address
  • Change your virtual location
  • Avoid packet sniffing while using public networks
  • Use VPN for ad blocking
  • Access content that is blocked in your region
  • Avoid the censorship of the government
  • Access required resources remotely.
  • Perform torrenting
  • Be a smaller target than any large VPN company, comparatively
  • Avoid managing logs
  • Manage your access to resources you need with full freedom

The VPN services that you can find online easily over the internet aren't that protected as compared to the VPN you will set up yourself. Instead, the ability to have your own VPN running with VPS is paramount to online privacy and anonymity.

It means none of your activity logs will ever be exposed.

Additionally, you can keep your anonymity to the highest possible level by purchasing your VPN through bitcoin or any of your preferred cryptocurrencies. This will provide you even more security in the best possible way.

Why WireGuard VPN is a preferable choice for people?

Have you heard about the amazingness of WireGuard VPN before? Well, this amazing VPN protocol service is making better rounds in the field of online security. Most importantly, the majority of security experts prefer WireGuard and considering it as a better alternative to OpenVPN.

Additionally, WireGuard has become one of the prominent VPN protocols within a short period. This VPN protocol is a simple, fast, and new-age service that is also leveraging advanced cryptography.

  • In short, this is a general-purpose VPN protocol that is aimed at embedded interfaces and supercomputers as well at the same time.
  • WireGuard VPN is based on fewer lines of code as compared to other VPN protocols available out there. It will ultimately have less space for any kind of vulnerabilities.
  • Even more, the fewer lines of code writer for WireGuard VPN also makes it a faster VPN protocol to consider at the same time.
  • Using WireGuard VPN protocol can also let you experience better speed. Due to this, your employees will be able to complete their tasks faster. As a result, experiencing improved productivity would become easier for you.
  • WireGuard can let you browse the internet while keeping your personal information secure. It is because the VPN protocol can let you maintain full anonymity in the best possible way.

WireGuard is a highly suitable VPN protocol even for non-techies. It is entirely simple to use. Also, RouterHosting wants to make launching your own VPN server super easier.

Therefore, it has brought a one-click installation service for WireGuard. So, to launch this server, you just have to click the VPN protocol and log in. Then, follow the simple instructions given to complete the setup without any hassle or stress. Within a few minutes, you will be connected to your secure and anonymous VPS running VPN protocol, i.e., WireGuard.

You can even use other features available on RouterHosting to create configurations for new clients to connect multiple devices with one VPN.

So, to set up WireGuard, head over to RouterHosting.