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Zelenski qualifies that nobody is sure "one hundred percent" of what happened in Poland

MADRID, 17 Nov.

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Zelenski qualifies that nobody is sure "one hundred percent" of what happened in Poland


The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has softened his statements after the recent impact of several missiles on Polish territory and has assured that it is "one hundred percent" unknown what could have happened, in such a way that none of them could still be charged. both parts.

"We cannot say specifically that it was the Ukrainian air defense," he said, alluding to the hypothesis that has gained strength after the preliminary investigations carried out by the Polish authorities and the successive contacts within NATO.

Zelenski, who has participated in the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, has advocated in an interview to clarify the circumstances of this event, a day after insisting that the projectiles that fell in Przewodow were Russian and not Ukrainian.

"I don't know 100 percent. I don't think the world knows 100 percent what happened either," said the Ukrainian president, despite the fact that in a speech in this same forum he once again said he was "sure" that " it was a russian missile.

It has also recognized that the Ukrainian forces activated their defense systems to try to stop the cascade of missiles that fell on Ukraine on Tuesday, when there was a wave of bombardments unprecedented since the start of the invasion in February.

However, Zelenski has stated that his military advisers have told him that the images of the crater in the place where the explosion occurred would show that it could not be due only to the remains of a hypothetical Ukrainian projectile.

In any case, both Warsaw and NATO as a whole have stuck to the thesis of the accident, although they agree with kyiv that Moscow is the party responsible for the escalation of war tensions. For now, the Polish government is not contemplating activating any article of the Atlantic Alliance treaty to even open consultations.