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Zelenski affirms that the international community agrees with Russia compensating war damages

MADRID, 15 Nov.

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Zelenski affirms that the international community agrees with Russia compensating war damages


The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has affirmed this Monday that "it is already part" of the international legal reality that Russia will compensate the losses caused by the war at the expense of Russian assets.

"Within the UN, our diplomats have long worked with partners to agree and adopt two very important resolutions. The first of them is supported today, regarding the creation of an international compensation mechanism that will make it possible to compensate for all losses caused for the Russian war, also at the expense of Russian assets," the Ukrainian president stated in his daily message to the country's population.

According to Zelensky, war reparations must be paid by Russia for "what it has committed", reiterating that it is a fact that "it is already part of the international legal reality".

In this regard, the Ukrainian head of state recalled that he is still waiting for a second resolution to create a special court for "the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine".

"We will do everything to make both work," Zelensky said in his evening speech.

However, the Ukrainian president has assured that the presence of the country's flag in the recently "liberated" city of Kherson indicates that there is civilization, freedom, social security, infrastructure or security, all of this compared to the situation when it is the Russian flag the one that flies on Ukrainian territory.

"This is what the Russian flag means: complete desolation. There is no electricity, no communication, no Internet, no television. The occupiers destroyed everything themselves, on purpose. This is their special operation," Zelensky added.

"It is happiness for everyone when Russia is expelled. Happiness, which will be also in those cities and communities of ours, which are deprived of a normal life by Russia both after February 24 and in 2014. We will return everything to them. We will return to the normal life. And we know that peace for Ukraine is getting closer. For our entire country," he added.