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The Republican Party seizes the governorship of Nevada from the Democrats

MADRID, 12 Nov.

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The Republican Party seizes the governorship of Nevada from the Democrats


The Republican candidate for the governorship of the US state of Nevada, Joe Lombardo, has defeated the current Democratic governor Steve Sisolak after three days of counting, this being the first governorship won by the Republicans in the mid-term elections.

In a statement released on his social networks, the Democrat Sisolak has admitted the victory of the Republican candidate despite the fact that there are still seven percent of the votes to be counted, detailing that his candidacy will remain a percentage point away from victory.

"Serving you as governor for the past four years has been the honor of my life. Thank you to everyone who believed in us and gave their all. It is important that we come together now to continue moving the state forward," he has said so far. Governor of Nevada in the letter.

"As long as votes continue to come in -- and we need every vote counted and every voice heard -- it looks like we're going to fall a percentage point or so from winning. That's obviously not the result I want, but I believe in our electoral system." , in democracy and in honoring the will of Nevada voters," Sisolak said.

The counting of votes in the state of Nevada has dragged on into the wee hours of Friday night, totaling nearly 72 hours since polling stations closed on Tuesday.

This delay in knowing the results is due to the fact that the elections in the state of Nevada --one of the three states where it is not yet known who will win the race for the Senate-- are very close, in addition to the fact that it recently changed to a new mail-in voting system that has further delayed counting.

However, up until now, in these mid-term elections, the Republican Party had not been able to wrest any governorship from the Democrats. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party has been able to take over the governorships of Massachusetts and Maryland, which were previously in Republican hands.