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Erdogan adds a thousand more deaths to the official death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey

MADRID, 6 Mar.

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Erdogan adds a thousand more deaths to the official death toll from the earthquakes in Turkey


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reported this Monday that the earthquakes of February 6 have cost the lives of 46,104 people, more than a thousand more than in the last official balance. Adding the more than 6,000 fatalities in Syria would be more than 52,000 deaths.

"The earthquakes of February 6 and their aftershocks have been the deadliest in the history of the Republic. We ask for mercy for the 46,104 citizens" who died, Erdogan pointed out after the Council of Ministers, according to the Turkish news agency Anatolia.

"Our health personnel have made a superhuman effort despite the damage suffered by the hospitals. We have sent our miners, in addition to the teams of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority" (AFAD), he stressed.

The Turkish leader highlighted "the unprecedented effort to search for rescue" that has allowed 35,000 people to be mobilized. In total, 271,000 civil servants and volunteers have been counted working in the earthquake zone.

"The historic solidarity shown by our nation in these difficult times has allowed us to look to the future with confidence. However, the destruction is so great that we are still not achieving the speed and efficiency that we would like," he warned.

In addition to personal damage, the earthquakes have left a balance of 230,000 buildings unusable. For this reason, 3,320,000 evacuees remain, of which 1.5 million live in tents. There are 160,000 people in reception centers set up and 130,000 staying in hotels throughout the country.

The earthquakes of February 6, which have been followed by more than 11,000 aftershocks, according to AFAD data, have also caused nearly 6,000 fatalities in Syria, although the number of victims in the Arab country is much more difficult to ascertain. calculate, especially in the northwest, in the hands of rebel groups.