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We can notify the Neurona judge that someone impersonated the person responsible for Facebook

MADRID, 3 Feb.

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We can notify the Neurona judge that someone impersonated the person responsible for Facebook


Podemos notifies the judge of the so-called 'Neurona case' that someone in 2021 impersonated the identity of its head of Facebook, who was also a witness in the procedure in which the 363,000-euro contract that he signed with the consultancy within the framework of the campaign for the general elections of April 2019.

"This party has learned that on December 11, 2021 (...) an unknown person went to the Yoigo store (...) and exhibiting documentation that would prove it (...) posed as her and requested the duplicate of the SIM card of his mobile phone number (...), effectively accessing his Telegram account and associating the email (...)", points out the 'purple' formation in a letter that has contributed this week to the court and to which Europa Press has had access.

Podemos highlights that the events that it is now bringing to the attention of the court would have taken place in 2021, "barely a month and a half after" the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the National Police drafted --in the framework of the 'case Neurona'-- a report on part of the content that was on the mobile phone of said party worker; specifically, about the videos sent to him by Carlos Portillo, head of the consultancy. The formation led by Ione Belarra does not specify in its writing when it learned of these events.

In line, the defense recalls that the Podemos worker testified as a witness before the court in May 2021. According to her, the judge summoned her to appear to download and dump part of the content of her phone in the procedure.

The party informs the judge that said worker denounced the alleged impersonation among the Police. And it warns, in turn, that it is not aware of any attempt to carry out "any type of operation of a lucrative nature, which in its opinion" is indicative that the identity theft operation denounced was seeking to obtain information on the phone of" the employee of Podemos.

Podemos has now contributed this writing, after last week it delivered a report on the procedure in which "similar" contracts adopted by Public Administrations "of all political persuasions" are analyzed to ask the judge to file the procedure considering that "the The information provided allows us to conclude" that "there is no distortion in the freely agreed price" with the consultant and that, therefore, there are no indications of a crime.

At the moment, the expert report commissioned by Judge Juan José Escalonilla more than a year ago is the only proceeding that remains pending in the investigation, apart from the report on which the Central Cybercrime Unit is already working on the emails of the co-founder of We can accused in this case, Juan Carlos Monedero.

Last July, the magistrate rejected a new extension of the term, considering that there were no more proceedings to carry out. It is expected that once both reports are submitted to the procedure, the head of the Court will decide whether to file or, in view of new evidence contained in said reports, to resume the investigation.