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Two of the 55 children expelled to Morocco from Ceuta declare that they did not want to leave nor were they informed of their rights

CEUTA, 25 Nov.

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Two of the 55 children expelled to Morocco from Ceuta declare that they did not want to leave nor were they informed of their rights


Two of the 55 unaccompanied migrant Moroccan minors who were returned to their country from Ceuta in August last year outside the provisions of the Immigration Law have declared before the head of the Ceuta Investigating Court number 2 that they did not want to leave and They were not informed of their rights before the execution of their expulsion, for which the former government delegate in the city, Salvadora Mateos, and the First Vice President of the Autonomous Executive, Mabel Deu (PP) are being investigated for an alleged crime of continued prevarication ).

The judge has taken statements as witnesses from two of the at least six children from the Alaouite Kingdom who have managed to return to the autonomous city by their own means in the last year, some of whom are already 18 years old. The third minor cited this Thursday has not testified when he was on the peninsula, according to legal sources consulted by Europa Press.

The two that have done so, whose testimony has been recorded as preconstituted evidence so as not to summon them again if the proceedings lead to the opening of an oral trial, have assured that "they did not leave voluntarily" and that "nobody informed them of their rights" before their forced repatriation, a version that contradicts that provided so far by the two defendants.

Deu, competent counselor for Minors until July, has said that she "imagines" that the minors would authorize their return and that there were even "farewells with applause" at the Santa Amelia Sports Center, from where the 55 minors who They were deported until the Court provisionally suspended the application of the procedure denounced by the Prosecutor's Office.

Mateos has also asserted that he "understands" that "the children were told that they were going to be returned" and that he is aware that "they said they wanted to return to their parents and were happy to return." "The vice president told me that they were very happy and I am not aware that they did not want to return," she said in December, when she was summoned by the Public Ministry.

The two minors who have testified have not yet specified whether or not they wish to exercise the private prosecution in the open procedure, as they have been offered, for which they could designate legal representatives or request that one be assigned ex officio.

The instructor of the criminal case has dismissed this week practically all of the documentary and testimonial evidence proposed by the Prosecutor's Office, those investigated and one of the popular accusations, including the summons as witnesses of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlaska; the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez; and the president of the City, Juan Vivas (PP).

All the courts that have ruled so far through the Contentious-Administrative Court on the expulsion of children appealing to an Agreement between Spain and Morocco of 2007 and ignoring the Immigration Law (despite the fact that the pact requires "strict observance of Spanish legislation") have condemned the actions of the two administrations, which "adverted an objective situation of relevant risk to the physical or moral integrity of the minors affected by the return measures that the appellants do not misrepresent".

"The acts of the defendant Administration -the Government Delegation-- made it impossible to monitor the traceability of the return measures that it applied", concluded the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA), which in a ruling appealed before The Supreme Court remarked that the "sudden and massive and illegal" nature of the migratory avalanche of May 2021 "in no way authorized the Kingdom of Spain to excuse its submission to the rule of law."