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The startup Cogniti creates a platform to facilitate digital education for the elderly


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The startup Cogniti creates a platform to facilitate digital education for the elderly


The startup Cogniti has developed a platform with which older people can learn to use the most popular apps, mobile phones, computers, and all the digital tools that hinder and discourage older people from using technology.

"How many times has your mother or an elderly person close to you asked you for help with WhatsApp, email or to set up their mobile?" is the question asked by Sebastian Fagonde, founder of Cogniti, the startup that is revolutionizing digital education. for older people with an accessible and inclusive tool.

"Increasing the digital skills of the elderly helps them to be included in society, keeping them connected with family and friends, generating independence and autonomy," explains the CEO of the startup in a statement.

The company is part of the Col·lab programs, the public accelerator of Las Naves, the innovation center of the Valencia City Council. An entrepreneurial initiative that has also now launched a campaign on Goteo, a civic and collaborative crowdfunding platform for citizen initiatives and social projects, with the aim of promoting its product to reduce the digital divide for the elderly.

Cogniti's goal is to expand digital knowledge in the adult population to keep it updated, connected and independent. "The company was born at the request of an elderly person who was not clear with his mobile. From this struggle to resend a WhatsApp video, the idea of ​​having a self-consultation system was born that would help him understand how to carry out this type of task with greater dexterity", says Fagonde.

From that moment until today, the startup has done a lot of field work and research to develop both its platform and the training material, until arriving at the product that it is now finishing creating. "Our greatest satisfaction is to see that it really works and that we are on the right track," says the founder of the entity.

One of the fundamental advantages of the platform is that all the training material is found in one place, simplifying consultation and preventing people from having to search for information in different places. In addition, "the teaching method is adapted and sequenced so that learning is easy and simple," says Fagonde.

Cogniti has launched a crowdfunding campaign as a financing method because it is a tool that, in addition to obtaining funds, "serves to raise awareness in the community with the aim of getting them involved with our entrepreneurial initiative and supporting us to move forward", remarks the CEO. On the other hand, the contributions made to this crowdfunding campaign have a tax bonus of up to 80% in Spain.

It is open until the beginning of June on Goteo, a platform that only works with social and environmental impact initiatives. Cogniti will allocate the funds to three fundamental areas at the moment: the creation of training material, the consolidation of the work team and the dissemination and promotion of the service.

Cogniti's involvement in Col.lab was "decisive," says Fagone, in advancing his business model. "In just six months we were able to land the idea, defining strategic, team, operational and legal issues, polishing the offer and the product until obtaining a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in accordance with the previously set objectives. A sprint that has given us enormous results", adds the CEO.