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The Senate agrees to the 'express' processing of the concert and Basque quota and the Navarre Agreement, with the sole rejection of Vox

MADRID, 8 Mar.

- 5 reads.

The Senate agrees to the 'express' processing of the concert and Basque quota and the Navarre Agreement, with the sole rejection of Vox


The Plenary Session of the Senate, with the only vote against Vox, has approved this Wednesday the 'express' processing of the bill that renews the quota of the Basque Country for the five-year period 2022-2026, which sets a provisional contribution of the Basque Country to the State of the base year at 1,472 million euros, in addition to the modifications of the Basque Concert and the Economic Agreement with Navarra, with the agreement of new taxes.

In this way, the processing of these three laws will take place by single reading and by fast track, that is, without going through a presentation or commission and shortening the deadlines.

In the Senate, it is normal for the vote for these laws to be processed by single reading to be incorporated as the first item on the agenda in plenary, so that then the final vote occurs at the end of the same session.

However, on this occasion the Senate has only voted for this form of processing that will shorten the deadlines and it will not be until the next plenary session, at the end of March, when the Upper House has to decide whether to definitively approve it.

In this way, although the groups cannot present amendments given this form of processing, they will have time limits to present vetoes --amendment to the entirety--.

The bill to modify the Economic Agreement with the Basque Country indicates that the Basque Treasuries will begin to manage new taxes, such as the special tax on Non-Reusable Plastic Containers or the Temporary Tax on Solidarity of Great Fortunes, as established in the Mixed Commission held on December 27.

As regards the Basque quota, the renewal of the five-year law is the result of the meeting of the Mixed Commission between the central Executive and that of the Basque Country, where it was established that the imputation index would be maintained at 6.24%, and sets a provisional contribution from the Basque Country to the State for the base year at 1,472 million euros.

In any case, the new quota methodology for the 2022-2026 five-year period is given with an amount very similar to the amount that the Basque Country was currently paying to the State with the previous five-year period. Of course, in this base quota the assessment of active employment policies is not integrated as an assumed burden, which is implemented annually as compensation for the liquid quota to be paid to the State.

The final amounts are divided into the net quota for 2021 (1,403 million euros), financial compensation (definitive 2021 and provisional 2022) and assessment of active employment policies (definitive 2021 and provisional 2022).

On the other hand, regarding the Agreement with Navarra, it includes the concertation of the tax on banks and energy companies and the tax on non-reusable plastic containers, with which the Foral Government plans to collect a total of 104 million in 2023 and 2024 of euros.

In the case of the new tax on large fortunes that will be applied in the State, Navarra will assume it with its own regulations, but it will not be applied in practice, since in the Foral Community the Heritage tax will continue to be in force.

Regarding the temporary taxes on energy companies and financial entities, Navarra will receive 1.6% of the volume of income generated in the whole of Spain in 2023 and 2024. In addition, the Autonomous Community will fully assume the definition and management of State aid that are financed with the collection of both taxes.