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Prosecutor's Office opposes Villarejo's offer to the judge to testify again in 'Kitchen' and other pieces

MADRID, 9 Mar.

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Prosecutor's Office opposes Villarejo's offer to the judge to testify again in 'Kitchen' and other pieces


The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office has opposed the offer made by the retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to the judge of the National Court who is instructing the macro-cause on his private businesses in order to testify again in several separate pieces, including the one related to 'Operation Kitchen ', to -as he alleged- get "to the bottom" of the investigations, insisting on their "spurious" origin.

This is how the prosecutors Miguel Serrano and César de Rivas transferred it to the head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6, Manuel García Castellón, in a report on February 28, to which Europa Press has had access, where they react to the letter presented by Villarejo on day 17 of that same month.

Prosecutors argue in relation to 'Kitchen', where the judge has already prosecuted eleven people --Villarejo included-- for alleged parapolice espionage on former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas, that once the investigation of that separate piece "will not It is appropriate that a new judicial statement be received as the defendant under investigation".

To this they add that, in his writing, Villarejo "does not include any reference, even indirect, to the facts that are the subject of this separate piece number 7" of the 'Tandem' macro-cause.

In a document signed by himself, Villarejo offered to "voluntarily testify" in 'Kitchen', piece number 28 - about the alleged sale of sensitive information from prison - and "in as many as your honor considers" to "clarify what were the real reasons for initiating this procedure".

"I would be very excited if the truth was ever sought in the 'Tandem' case," he declared, to confess that he is filled with a "feeling of uselessness" because he has been making such an offer for years without getting a response.

In his opinion, it is "one more example of the arbitrariness with which this case is followed", which he attributed to "the carelessness that has been made of it, with the prosecutors who seem to be the true instructors, due to the short and it sticks in almost all the court orders of the writings that they present".

"And when it doesn't happen, they immediately show all their virulence against the instructor, to show him who the real bosses are," added the retired police officer.

Along the same lines, and throughout nine pages, Villarejo charged harshly against the 'Tándem' prosecutors, accusing them of trying to influence the first sentence for this macro-cause, as well as seeking their "definitive silence" with an "eternal confinement ".

As an example of the "falsehoods" poured out against him, he alluded to the two years he was in provisional prison for the alleged risk of flight. "What happened to that uncouth statement by the prosecutors assuring that he would flee? Where am I still today? Now?" He asked.

In addition, he mentioned the recent sentence on the 'Nicolay case', which acquits him, to insist that the investigations against him are due to "a prospective, partial and biased investigation" by Internal Affairs.

However, he denounced that, if they try to blame him "for all the evils that our country has suffered in the last 40 years", it is to "keep public opinion entertained and make them forget the real problems, to which no one seems to find a solution". .

However, he concluded that "it is more than justifiable" that "it was decided" to "eliminate" it for "lifting the veil of all the crimes that are committed" to, supposedly, protect the high authorities.

And he warned his enemies: "As long as I have a drop of breath left, I will continue to believe in the law and, therefore, with the means that the Rule of Law allows me, I will persecute them until the end of my days and my pulse will not tremble , if for that I have to go to international courts".