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Madrid Court orders the reopening of the case for the death of a young woman who spent months in a coma after cosmetic surgery

MADRID, 10 Mar.

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Madrid Court orders the reopening of the case for the death of a young woman who spent months in a coma after cosmetic surgery


The Provincial Court of Madrid has ordered that the investigation into the death of Silvia Idalia Serrano, the young woman who died after spending several months in a coma after undergoing triple cosmetic surgery in April 2022, be reopened.

In a Section 23 order, to which Europa Press had access, the magistrates agree to partially uphold the appeal filed against the file of the case at the request of the private prosecution, which represents the mother and boyfriend of the young.

The magistrates request the Madrid Investigating Judge number 46 that the experts prepare a joint report and that a doctor's statement be taken before filing, indicating that the filing of the case was "premature."

"There is no record that the forensic doctor was transferred the autopsy report performed, so it is deduced that it is incomplete by not specifying whether or not there could be a cause-and-effect relationship between the surgical intervention under investigation and the death," the resolution states. .

Last September, the judge agreed to the provisional dismissal of the open proceedings to investigate the surgeon who performed the operation and another doctor.

The judge determined that it was evident that the conduct of the professionals investigated is adjusted to the 'lex artis' according to the proceedings carried out in the criminal investigation.

The magistrate based his decision on the forensic reports that point out that "there was no defect in the surgical procedure or in the subsequent treatment."

The forensic experts state that the complication suffered by the girl was not derived from the operation, but from "a fortuitous condition after the surgery and which is considered the most serious due to its high mortality."

Silva Dalia died on July 31 after spending more than three months in an induced coma in the ICU in La Paz. On April 26, he underwent several interventions in the same operation carried out in one of the centers of the CEME clinic.

The next day, she was discharged despite the severe pain she suffered and which, according to the clinic, was normal. Finally, the young woman was admitted to the ICU with a serious infection that led to her induced coma for months, from which she woke up a few weeks before passing away.

The girl's family took the case to court for a crime of serious negligence. The judge investigated both the surgeon who undertook the operation and another physician for an alleged crime of reckless injury.

From the Clinic they have always maintained that the operation was carried out without complications and maintained that everything went well, ignoring the reason why the deceased was infected with a battery that produced serious sequelae.