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Joachim Magin, responsible for the purchase of the Alcoa plants in A Coruña and Avilés, is arrested in Germany

MADRID, 4 Feb.

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Joachim Magin, responsible for the purchase of the Alcoa plants in A Coruña and Avilés, is arrested in Germany


Joachim Magin, sole administrator of System Capital, the investment vehicle used by Grupo Industrial Riesgo to buy the Alcoa plants in A Coruña and Avilés, has been arrested in Germany on a search and arrest warrant issued by the Central Investigating Court Number 3, in charge of María Tardón, according to legal sources reported by Europa Press.

The 'Alcoa case' began at the end of 2020, when the Confederation of Professional Staff (CCP) filed a complaint, which was later joined by the other unions, for "the existence of various irregularities" in the sale of the aluminum factories of A Coruña and Avilés for an alleged breach of the agreements reached with the initial owner and with the representatives of the workers.

The Criminal Chamber of the National Court (AN) revoked in December 2022 the provisional file agreed in July by Judge María Tardón for Alcoa and its representatives, recalling that the investigation "has not finished" and noting that they are still "pending resolve" the appearances of alleged injured parties.

In their order, the judges of the Third Section explain that the dismissal issued on July 21 for Alcoa Inespal and its representatives Kai Rune Heggland, Álvaro Dorado Baselga, Ignacion León Moro and Christine Keener was "premature".

The Chamber accepted the appeal of an accusation and explained that the appellants had not been able to date "propose the practice of investigative proceedings aimed at maintaining the accusation" of both the company and its representatives.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 3 made the decision to file for Alcoa and its representatives after the company and its former workers reached an agreement by which the unions resigned from continuing to pursue criminal and civil actions against the company and its managers, although the magistrate then opted for a provisional dismissal, instead of the final one requested by the company.

Then, the instructor took note of the withdrawal of the CCP, CCOO of Industry, Federation of Industry of UGT and Federation of Industry of USO with respect to those four people and Alcoa, although maintaining their claims as a private prosecution for the rest of the defendants.

Likewise, Tardón explained in his resolution that he opted for the provisional file, "taking into account precisely the procedural moment", since "the investigation has not yet been concluded and it is not absolutely ruled out that the practice of new proceedings contributes different elements of evidence that recommend extending the imputation to some of the people with respect to whom there are not sufficient indications of guilt at this time".

He also stressed that, also in line with the Public Prosecutor's Office, it was a partial file because it only affected Alcoa and its four representatives, continuing the judicial inquiries for the rest of those investigated.

The unions resigned to continue exercising the accusation against Alcoa after the transactional agreement reached on May 11 by the parties, which served so that their "labor claims" were "fully satisfied", not "having anything to claim" from the company , as indicated in their letter.